bone inlay

Bone Inlay

The art of bone inlay is specific to Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Also known as City of Lakes. This meticulous skill has been passed over from generation to generation at Luxury Handicrafts. The stunning bone inlay products are adorned with intricately hand-cut, inlaid camel bone, filled with desired colored resin & finished with utmost precision & love. Each of these exclusive pieces is slightly different and the result of many weeks of craftsmanship. Designs vary slightly. Three craftsmen are employed to make a piece of Inlay furniture.
 The first hand-carves pieces of camel bone into delicate shapes. The second affixes those pieces onto a wooden furniture frame in intricate patterns. The third fills in around the bone with the colored resin background. To create a piece of furniture, the process takes about 3 weeks depending on its size. We specialize in Custom Bone Inlay Furniture. Thus, you can turn your creativity into Art with us.

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