Bone Inlay 3 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard Fishscale Scalloped

Product Code: LH39-BI3D2DFSBLACK
$ 1999


If elegance is what you are looking for, then look no further than this black bone inlay 3 drawer & 2 Door Sideboard. The intricate floral designs and strong wooden frame make it an ideal piece to add to your collection of bone inlay furniture. The detailed carvings come straight from India giving this dresser a decidedly exotic flair. The black resin is contrasted with exquisite white bone inlaid in Fishscale patterns to produce a unique and eye-popping feel. Of course, this sideboard doesnt simply have to be admired to be useful. All 3 drawers and shelves are fully functional and you can use them to keep a number of different items. The long surface on top of the dresser is also ideal for displaying items. It can be used as TV Stand / cabinet. The mango wood frame ensures the durability of this timeless classic.

Key Features:

# Size: 160 (Length) X 45 (Width) X 85 (Height) Cms.

# Quality Sourced Bone Inlaid Sideboard with 3 Drawer & 2 Cupboards

# Bone Inlaid neatly in Fishscale design

# Intricate handcarved Bone detail

# Black Glass Cut Jewel like knobs for a Rich Look

# Made to Order. Thus customer owns a fresh product every time they buy from us

# Made to Order. Thus, customer owns a New Piece every time.

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