Bone Inlay Chevron Side Table 1 Drawer Long Curved Leg Black

$ 469


Side tables come in all shapes and sizes, but this black bone inlay side table with curved legs might be the most unique. The four long bowed legs of this side table rise in an elegant curl toward the actual base of the item. There, you’ll find a single drawer capable of housing a number of different items. The space between the legs gives you the ability to store items underneath the table with ease. You’ll also be able to display items on top of this reliably-sourced camel bone inlay.

Key Features:

# Size: 43 (Length) x 30 (Width) X 65 (Height) Cms.

# Versatile designer piece that will make a statement in any space

# Quality Sourced Bone Inlaid in Floral Design with White Resin

# Solid wood base reinforced with engineered hardwood for added durability

# Made to Order. Thus customer owns a New Product.

# Shipped within 12 days after receipt of successful order.