Mustard Bone Inlay Tray In Geometric Design

Product Code: LH117-MUSTARD
$ 199


The intricate bone geometric pattern of this gorgeous tray was achieved by individually carving pieces and affixing them into a colourful Resin structured in solid wooden frame.

Key Features:

# Size: 24 (Length) X 18 (Width) X 2 (Height) Inches

# Beautifully Handcrafted from bone and sealed with buff-colored resin

# A boldly Geometric and striking accent

# Made from Hard Wood for Durability

# Antique Design. Can be used for showcasing special pieces of jewellery or gorgeous Candles

# Made to Order. Thus customer owns a fresh product every time they buy from us

# Shipped within 10 days after receipt of Successful Order

# Can be customized in any size / color / design according to customer's requirement