Grey Agate Geode Rectangle Coffee Table

Product Code: LH337-GAGRCT
$ 3549


An ultra luxurious looking agate center table done in the natural shades of grey, blue, white giving a very fresh, modern look to the sitting area. Ideal for a small lounge / sitting area in the house. This table makes a perfect ambiance of soothing luxury for those long gossips over coffee with friends. The grey agate is a translucent grey and white crystal, and this ultra luxurious gem-surface adds a touch of finesse to luxurious home designs. Its distinctive, brown circular pattern of warm tones gives it a chic, refined look that is both traditional and modern all at once. The beauty of the stone is further enhanced when back-lit.This table is a perfect rectangular shape, practically hollow from inside with 4 sides and a top made in the grey agate gemstone.

Key Features:

#Size: 120 (Length) x 60 (Depth) x 45 (Height) Cms.

#Handcrafted with specially trained artisans

#Grey agate gemstone gives attractive look when placed under light.

#Made to Order. Thus customer owns a New Product.

#Shipped within 30 days after receipt of successful order.

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