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Complete the functional and decor needs of your bedroom with a bone-inlay nightstand offered by Luxury Handicrafts. Our bone inlay nightstand is a stylish and elegant piece of furniture typically used beside a bed to hold essentials like lamps, books, or alarm clocks. The contrasting colors and textures of the bone inlay against the wood create a visually stunning effect, making it a statement piece in any room. Explore our vast collection, which reflects a unique blend of timeless beauty and functionality. Featuring drawers for storing small yet significant things, a bone inlay side table with drawer is a highly useful product to buy from us. Discover what works for you the best way!

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Bedside Beauty: Luxury Handicrafts' Exquisite Nightstand 

Our Bedside table online is an exquisite piece of furniture that adds a touch of artistry and refinement to your bedtime sanctuary, making it a true standout in your home decor. Luxury Handicrafts offers bone inlay nightstands to fit every decor style, whether it is traditional elegance or modern chic. Because of the small dimensions, it is perfect for smaller rooms and still has plenty of surface area to accommodate bedside necessities like lamps, books, or mementos.

The bedside table is like your loyal companion in the bedroom, ready to keep your nighttime necessities close at hand. It's ideal for keeping your lamp, alarm clock, books, and a glass of water within easy reach. Think of it as your assistant for a good night's sleep, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. With its small size, it fits perfectly next to your bed, providing both practicality and charm to your sleep sanctuary. Whether you fancy a contemporary look or a traditional style, a bedside table is essential for a cozy bedroom.

Explore A Diverse Style of Bone Inlay Bedside Tables 

The moment you explore our extensive collection, you'll be overwhelmed with a wide range of design and style options. To meet a variety of decor needs, we have come up with interesting patterns and motifs. Let’s see what works for your bedroom decor theme:

  • Moroccan Style Bone Inlay Bedside Table 

Bone inlay is an ancient decorative technique of inserting camel bone pieces into designs and carvings created on a flat wooden surface. As bone inlay has always been practiced in Morocco, a country known for its rich cultural heritage, the designs and geometric patterns you can see on the Moroccan style table are uniquely fabulous. From the colors to the motifs, everything about this bone inlay bedside table adds a luxurious touch to the interiors of your bedroom. The exotic charm of Moroccan decor is popular worldwide, and considering its admiration in the hearts of people across the world, we, at Luxury Handicrafts, thought of creating something alluring that reflects the wonders of Moroccan traditions. Don’t wait anymore and quickly place an order for this treasured piece. It will quickly transform your bedroom into a chic oasis of relaxation. 

  • Stripe Pattern Bone Nightstand

If you wish to bring a refreshing change to the interiors of your bedroom, then opt for something contemporary like our Sadie Bone Inlay Stripe Bedside Grey. This stripe pattern bone nightstand is the epitome of modernity, featuring a geometric pattern and sleek lines. Your bedroom decor will never be the same with this bone inlay nightstand, which never fails to add a modern flair to any bedroom. Besides using its top surface to keep the bedtime essentials, its presence will create a striking visual contrast. Those who appreciate a minimalistic vibe in the bedroom must vouch for this piece, as the color and design perfectly align with your idea of decor. Adding a touch of artistic flair, this nightstand seamlessly blends style and functionality.

  • Floral Motifs Bone Inlay Nightstand 

Reminding us of the softness and elegance of flowers, these floral motifs on the Blooming Flowers Bone Inlay Bedside Black exude unique grace and charm. The delicate and intricate designs make the product even more timeless. Featuring a beautiful mix of colors, this nightstand brings a comforting vibe that we all need in bedrooms for a restful ambiance. Place it next to the bed and create a sense of serenity along with using it to keep your essentials within arm’s reach. Its visual appeal and exquisite craftsmanship make it a cherished addition to your home.

  • Vintage Bone Inlay Bedside Table 

Rekindle the old-world charm using this vintage bone inlay bedside table with drawers like our Alice Bone Inlay Bedside Table. Featuring classic, traditional designs along with ornate detailing, this product serves as an heirloom piece that speaks volumes about classy decor choices for many years to come. The vintage-inspired look of this bone inlay bedside table introduces you to centuries-old craftsmanship and the finest woodwork. As it comes with drawers, you can safely house TV or AC remote controls, a book, a medicine box, and other essentials that you may need during the night. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Bone Inlay Nightstand for Your Bedroom?

At Luxury Handicrafts, we have a huge collection of bone inlay bedside tables & nightstands that will surely spoil you for choices. To make the best purchase decision, keep these buying tips in mind:

Focus on Dimensions

Before you bring home a bone inlay nightstand, it is essential to be aware of the available space in your bedroom. You should know about the room layout so that you can buy a nightstand that fits perfectly without overwhelming the space. Ensure that the product is neither too large nor too small for the bedside area. Consider the height as well, ensuring it aligns comfortably with the height of your mattress.

Consider Design and Aesthetics

Without considering the overall design and style of the bone inlay bedside table online you won’t be able to buy an ideal piece that harmonizes with the bedroom interiors. As there are a variety of decor themes, we have created pieces that complement traditional, modern, vintage, or eclectic design themes. With so many patterns, motifs, and colors to pick from, you may get confused. In that case, always choose what goes well with your existing bedroom decor. 

Storage Capacity

At Luxury Handicrafts, we have a variety of bone inlay nightstands and bedside tables with 1 or 2 drawers for extra storage.  Determine your storage requirements based on what items you typically keep by your bedside. If you need more storage space, opt for a nightstand with built-in drawers or shelves. Otherwise, you can even make use of the top surface to keep the essentials. A bone inlay side table with drawer is surely a highly functional and useful product that will become a cherished addition to your bedroom. 

Inquire About the Material

Our customer support staff is available round-the-clock to assist you with any doubts and queries related to our products. Therefore, make sure you connect with us and enquire about the quality of the materials and construction of the bone inlay nightstand. Make sure that it is sturdy, durable, and well-crafted. Pay attention to details such as the joinery and finish to be assured of the product's longevity and functionality.

Set a Budget

The bone nightstand price depends on many factors, such as size, style, complexity of design, storage options, etc. Still, as a wise buyer, it is essential to establish a budget for your purchase and explore options within your price range. Having said that, be aware of the fact that bone inlay reflects skilled craftsmanship. As it is a centuries-old ancient decorative technique, it has immense value in the modern age. Also, it takes months to create a refined piece of bone inlay as it involves several steps. This is the reason why bone inlay furniture items are comparatively expensive and look luxurious. 

How to Maintain A Perfect Bedside Nightstand 

A bone nightstand is a long-term investment, and thus you would always want it to look its best even after several years of usage. To maintain its beauty for posterity, here are some considerations:

  • Vouch for a regular cleaning routine to keep the dust off the surface of the nightstand. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently rub the tabletop and clean drawers from inside as well. 
  • Inlay work can fade or discolor over time if you expose the bedside table to direct sunlight. Thus, make sure you use blinds or curtains if the table is kept near the window. 
  • Refrain from using any harsh cleaning solution, as it may damage the delicate bone inlay work. In case you want to remove any stubborn spots, then you can use a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent solution. 
  • Preserve the beauty of bone inlay bedside tables and nightstands using periodic furniture wax or polish, which provides a unique shine or luster to the unit. 
  • While using the surface of the table, be extra careful. Use coasters and mats while placing beverages or desk lamps. This will prevent water rings and scratches. 

Keep these tips in mind while maintaining the beauty and shine of bone inlay nightstands. Be consistent in cleaning, and these most prized possessions will continue to beautify your bedroom decor for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions Bone Inlay - Bedside Table | Nightstand

 Does bone inlay furniture last?

The bone inlay furniture units offered at Luxury Handicrafts are built using premium-quality solid wood, finish, joinery, and ethically sourced camel bones. All of it ensures sturdy and durable furniture items that last longer. 

What styles of decor pair well with bone inlay nightstands?

From traditional to modern and even rustic and bohemia, the intricate designs and rich textures in bone inlay nightstands add visual interest to any space. 

Is bone inlay furniture ethical?

The bone inlay work done by the artisans and craftsmen at Luxury Handicrafts is highly authentic as we use only naturally dead camel bones. Even the solid wood and materials we use are sustainably sourced without causing any harm to the planet. 

Can bone inlay nightstands be customized?

Yes, we have hired excellent artisans who offer customization options for bone inlay furniture units, let alone nightstands. You can choose the design, pattern, and colours to create a piece that perfectly suits your decor preferences. Besides, you can ask us to take care of storage needs, and we will craft shelves and drawers as well. 


Difference Between Bone Inlay Furniture and Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture.

Bone inlay gives a natural, rustic look with a matte finish, while Mother of Pearl inlay shines beautifully with its iridescent glow. Both materials can be used in different patterns on any furniture or homeware items in our online store.

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