Wood Handcarved Furniture

A wood hand carved furniture collection at Luxury Handicrafts exudes unmatched grace and skilled craftsmanship. Reflecting a profound essence of historical traditions, these hand carved wood furniture pieces are not only functional but also carry stories from the bygone era, allowing you to create a home with memories from the past. From bedroom to living room and entryway, we have a unique piece which is carved to perfection by experienced artisans. Besides timeless beauty, the hand carved furniture offered by us ensures durability and longevity. Our vast collection is beyond aesthetics; it is bringing home a legacy that will be passed across generations. 



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Benefits of Buying Hand Carved Wood Furniture from Luxury Handicrafts

To buy the best handcarved furniture, you need not spend a lot of time and effort searching for a reliable store as you’ve already found us. Luxury Handicrafts is one of the leading wood hand carved furniture manufacturers that is strongly committed to creating unique & highly durable furniture units with a touch of elegance and sheer class. Here are the reasons why you must buy carved wood furniture from us:

Our Products Ensure Durability and Longevity

Our clients totally swear by our hand carved teak wood furniture as it promises unmatched durability and sturdiness. As furniture is a long-term investment, you cannot take its quality and material for granted. To deliver our esteemed buyers what they truly deserve, here we only use solid woods like teak. This type of wood is naturally inherent with resistance to moisture, pests, and decay, making it suitable to use indoors and outdoors. By giving it proper care, you can maintain its beauty for posterity. 

Excellent Artistry of Ancient Traditions

The antique hand carved wood furniture we offer in our collection represents the perfection in artistry and craftsmanship that have been passed down from one generation to another. The intricate details on the wooden surface make the furniture piece even more interesting to look at and change the decor dynamics of your home interiors. From wood carving bedroom furniture to hand crafted living room units, every unit we sell adds uniqueness and character to our living space. These treasured works of art elevate the ambience instantly while also serving you with functionality, durability, and convenience.  

Encourages Sustainability

When you choose hand carved teak wood furniture for your home, you support environmental sustainability. These units are responsibly built using teak woods authentically sourced from certified forests. At Luxury Handicrafts, we practise sustainability and ensure protection of our planet and natural resources. 

Products Offering True Value for Money

Each and every wood hand carved furniture unit we create is a true value for money as it ensures longevity, aesthetics, and functionality for many years to come. Here, you don’t spend money, rather you invest and enjoy its eternal grace and charm for posterity. Explore our collection and you will know how we transform homes with our exclusive designs and creativity. 

Different Types of Wooden Hand Carved Furniture Units for Every Area of Your Home

As we have a humongous collection of carved wood furniture for every room of our abode, here are some of the best-selling products mostly preferred by homeowners which make their lives convenient and beautiful: 

Hand Carved Buffet Cabinet

Crafted from solid woods, such as teak or oak, a hand carved wood buffet is an excellent product which is used in dining rooms or kitchens for maximised storage. Besides offering plenty of space to house essentials like dishes, linens, napkins, cutleries , etc, a hand carved buffet cabinet uplifts the beauty of your space with its ornate detailing and elegant carvings. The sophisticated designs add an artistic flair to the product, making your space stand out from the rest. 

Hand Carved Wood Bed

Our in-house artisans meticulously build hand carved beds featuring intricate designs and patterns. These motifs add a stunning visual effect on the furniture unit, creating a royal ambience in your bedroom. These detailed designs adorn the headboards of the bed, enhancing the room’s aesthetics and exuding quality craftsmanship. Now, you won’t only get comfort from your bed, but also a feeling of luxury that you so kindly deserve to experience every day or night. In our collection, you can also explore a wooden daybed which you can use for lounging, sitting, and sleeping during the day. Buy a daybed from us at a competitive price range and install it in your home office, living room, or even in a guest room. 

Carved Mango Wood Cabinet

Built using premium-quality mango wood, a carved mango wood cabinet characterised by finest carvings is a refined addition to your abode. Our artisans skilfully carve interesting designs on the doors of the cabinet which add texture to the unit. With sufficient drawers and shelves, these handcarved wooden cabinets are a great investment to store your essentials in the bedroom, living room, or even dining space and kitchen, etc. Besides infusing beauty all over, this wooden hand carved furniture unit will keep your home look more organised and clutter-free. 

Hand Carved Dresser

Want to spruce yourself up in a royal way? With a hand carved dresser created by our designers will make your dream come true. From storing your makeup essentials to hair styling tools, and other accessories, such dressers feature beautiful designs that give your bedroom or dressing area a timeless elegance along with the functionality and storage option. 

Hand Carved Armoires

From floral motifs to geometric patterns, you can buy hand carved armoires online from us as per your decor preferences and storage requirements. The detailed carvings on the doors make the pieces look extravagant and represent richness. With spacious compartments, you can keep your clothing separately in an organised manner. Use drawers for small garments and make your life even more convenient and clutter-free. A solid wood wardrobe is the need of the hour, and if it features elegance and uniqueness, then nothing can be a better buy. 

Hand Crafted Media Console

It’s time to house your entertainment devices safely using a hand crafted media console meticulously designed using solid wood. The carved accents on the furniture unit make the piece look visually appealing and upgrade the ambience of your living room in an instant. With a perfect amalgamation of functionality and style, this product is a great addition to your home.                                                            

Frequently Asked Questions Wooden Handcarved Furniture 

What types of woods are commonly used for hand carved furniture?

The hand carved wood furniture pieces are mainly crafted using solidwoods, such as teak, oak, walnut, mahogany. These woods are not only durable and resistant to wear and tear but their grain patterns add visual interest to the pieces. Having said that, some carved wood furniture units are built using mango wood as well. 

How durable is hand carved wooden furniture?

All the hand carved wooden furniture pieces available at Luxury Handicrafts are an epitome of skilled craftsmanship and durability. The reason behind is the use of solidwoods which ensure strength and longevity. Also, the beauty of these woods can be sustained for many years with minimal upkeep and maintenance. 

How do I care for hand carved wooden furniture?

Start with a regular dusting regime using a soft cotton cloth. You can even opt for occasional polishing with a furniture wax or oil which can help maintain its shine and lustre. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents that may damage the quality of wood. 

Can I request custom designs for hand carved furniture?

Yes, at Luxury Handicrafts, you can ask for a customisation service. Our expert artisans would breathe life to your designs to meet your specifications and decor preferences. From the choice of wood to the size of the product and carving design, just share with us your needs, and we will create a piece that will perfectly align with your choices.