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Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Luxury Handicrafts' exquisite bone inlay side tables and end tables. If you're facing space constraints but don't want to compromise on elegance, our stylish decor pieces are the solution. The high-quality bone material not only adds to their charm but also guarantees durability, making them a lasting addition to your bedroom. These captivating inlay side tables are designed with a space-saving approach, ideal for smaller rooms. Bone inlay is a timeless decorative art form that is experiencing a resurgence in global popularity.

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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Must-Have Bone Inlay Side Tables

In today's world, there's a heightened inclination towards infusing homes and workspaces with a touch of nature and organic textures. With increasing focus on an amalgamation of functionality and aesthetic appeal in home decor, bone-inlay side tables have become a staple in homes across the globe. The surface of side tables is perfect for keeping your bedside requirements like books, your night lamp, charger, medicines, and other accessories that you need at a hand’s distance. The compactness of these side tables ensures these decor items don’t occupy a lot of space in your rooms. Choose your perfect home decor addition from a wide range of our inlay side tables, bone inlay console table with black and white colors, or curated handcrafted end tables to amplify the beauty of your home.

The Captivating Charm of Bone Inlay Side & End Tables

Now that you're aware of the many reasons to invest in side tables, let's delve into what sets bone inlay side tables and end tables apart from all the other kinds. Nature's Exquisite TouchBone inlay side tables are like whispers of nature, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Imagine sunlight dancing on intricate bone patterns; each piece is a unique canvas showcasing the artistry of time and nature. It's the subtle elegance that elevates any space, from rustic to modern, adding a touch of organic charm that never goes out of style. Built to Last, Built with CareCrafted from ethically sourced bones, these inlay side tables are more than just furniture. The natural materials boast inherent strength and durability, ensuring your table will be a cherished companion for years to come. Plus, by choosing bone inlay, you're supporting sustainable practices and minimizing waste, making it a conscious choice that feels good.

Benefits of Investing in Bone Inlay Side Tables

  • Decorative Delight -Experience the allure of bone-inlay side tables – an absolute visual treat for your living spaces. Crafted with top-notch materials, sophisticated design patterns, and stunning artistry, these tables effortlessly enhance your room's aesthetics without taking up much space.

  • Stylish Decor Pieces -These side tables go beyond mere aesthetics; they're your stylish solution for practical surfaces. When placed strategically next to your sofa, bed, or in a cozy corner, they provide a convenient spot for your drinks, books, lamps, or anything else you want within easy reach.
  • Ideal For A Bedroom - Upgrade You can definitely revamp your inlay bedside table and nightstand game with these side tables. They not only hold your bedside essentials but do so with unmatched elegance, transforming your bedroom into a stylish retreat where functionality meets flair. Adding a luxury touch to your bedroom decor with bone inlay bedside table, Complemented by a stylish bone inlay stool.
  • Companion You Need - Introduce a side table into your living room as the perfect companion to your seating arrangement. Whether holding a cup of coffee, a decorative piece, or a small plant, it adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall appeal of your living space. A distinctive round dining table with bone inlay, combined with sophisticated bone inlay coffee tables also adorned with inlay, will complete your dining area.
  • Grand Entry Impressions - Position a side table in your entryway or foyer for an instant focal point. Serving as a surface for keys, mail, or decorative items, it sets the tone for the design and style of your home right from the entrance. Embrace the fusion of functionality and fashion with these must-have side tables.

What Should You Consider While Investing in A Bone Inlay Side Table and End Table?

Quality of Craftsmanship

The precision and attention to detail are what differentiates side tables in bone inlay. The high-quality bone material and impeccable craftsmanship define the timeless beauty of these decor items. At Luxury Handicrafts,  our teams ensure that every article is of high quality with neatly arranged inlays and smooth surfaces.

Size and Proportions

Each home possesses a distinctive layout and a unique room setup. This makes it crucial to carefully select the right size, shape, and proportion when purchasing a bone inlay end table or inlaid side table to seamlessly integrate it into your space. Luxury Handicrafts’ diverse collection provides numerous options. Whether you prefer a round or square table or a tall or short one, our inlay side tables are designed to meet your specific needs. 


Consider your side table's intended purpose. Side tables and end tables may come with drawers or shelves for extra storage, while many are also for decorative purposes only. Select a table that aligns with your practical needs. At Luxury Handicrafts, functionality is a key consideration in curating our collection. We've thoughtfully included various options to meet both your storage and aesthetic preferences.

Cost, Shipping & Delivery Charges

We recognize the importance of balancing quality expectations with budget considerations when selecting your ideal bone inlay side table. Enhance your decor with chic bone inlay round side tables with drawers.

Discover our exquisite collection of side and end tables online, each crafted to elevate your space. Navigating this delicate balance can be challenging, but with Luxury Handicrafts, we've got you covered. Our collection caters to various budgets, ensuring there's an option for everyone. We also provide complimentary worldwide shipping, sparing you from shelling out extra bucks. And that's not all – we regularly feature exclusive deals and discounts, adding an extra layer of delight to your shopping experience with us.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Inlay Side Tables | End Tables

What are the benefits of a side table?

Side tables offer versatile functionality in any living space. They provide a convenient surface for placing essentials like drinks, books, or decor, ensuring everything is within easy reach. Additionally, side tables complement your furniture arrangement, adding both style and practicality to your room.

Where is the proper end table placement?

The ideal placement for an end table is determined by its intended function. Typically, end tables are positioned beside sofas or chairs to provide a convenient surface for items like lamps, remote controls, or beverages. Ensure that the height of the end table complements the adjacent seating for optimal functionality and aesthetics.

How to clean a side table In bone inlay?

Cleaning a bone inlay side table requires gentle care to preserve its intricate design. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dust or spills. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the bone inlay or the finish. Regular, gentle maintenance will help keep your bone inlay side table looking beautiful for years to come.

Should the side table be taller than the sofa?

The height relationship between a side table and a sofa is a matter of personal preference and functionality. However, as a general guideline, many designers recommend that the height of the side table should be roughly equal to or slightly lower than the arm of the sofa. This ensures easy access to the table while maintaining a visually balanced look.

At Luxury Handicrafts, we understand the true value of handcrafted artistry. We collaborate with skilled artisans who use traditional techniques and ethically sourced materials to create exquisite bone inlay furniture. Each piece is meticulously crafted with passion and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a work of art you can cherish for years to come. 

What are the Differences Between Bone Inlay Furniture and Mother of Pearl inlay Furniture?

Bone inlay offers a natural, matte look, while Mother of Pearl inlay is elegant and shiny with an iridescent effect. These materials can be used in any pattern and applied to all types of furniture or homeware items in our online store.

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