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No machine manufacturing or new-age furniture crafting techniques can beat the beauty and functionality of handcarved buffet & sideboards. Featuring artisanal craftsmanship and timeless visual appeal, every hand-carved buffet available at Luxury Handicrafts is revered and appreciated for not only its storage benefits but also for unique and personalised designs that accentuate the décor of your space instantly. Explore a wide range of custom made handcarved furniture units and choose one that speaks to your personality and classy décor choices.

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How Handcarved Buffet & Sideboards Elevate the Beauty of Your Space? 

Luxury Handicrafts is widely celebrated for its high-end furniture units that reflect the glory of skilled craftsmanship and distinctive handcarved designs. The presence of handcarved buffet and sideboards in your home will add elegance and sophistication to any space without overwhelming the area. To know how these furniture pieces make your home a haven for charm and functionality, read further:

Exuding a Sense of History

The handcarved buffet cabinets we offer are not the mass-produced pieces which you can find in every other space. Each unit is meticulously handcrafted and tells the stories of the historical traditions and cultures of different countries. Look closely at every piece, and you will be surprised to see the attention to detail and ornate designs our artisans have come up with. From carved motifs to sculpted patterns, every detail represents the proficiency our craftsmen and furniture designers hold.

Timelessness That Stands Apart

A handcarved buffet adds a personalised touch to the interiors of your home, making it more warm and inviting. It shows what speaks to you, resonates with your décor choices, and who you really are. Even new-age designs and creativity in patterns cannot make your home décor stand apart, but a handcarved, custom-made piece of furniture surely does the magic your space deserves to experience. To buy the best customized furniture online, rely on Luxury Handicrafts as we specialise in creating units that showcase homeowner’s personality, style, and individuality.

Making Homes Free from Clutter

Buy a hand wooden carved sideboard that maximises storage capacity and keeps your home look more organised and clutter-free. With spacious compartments and closed doors, these sideboards keep your things hidden from sight and make it seamless for you to store essentials conveniently. Besides providing functional storage solutions, these carved wood sideboards add a touch of luxury and elegance to the room, making the ambience filled with old-world charm and sophistication.  

Offering Versatility

As a carved wood sideboard Cabinet for living room can be used in a home in a variety of ways, it is considered as a highly versatile piece of furniture. You can install it in a living room, dining area, bedroom, hallway, etc., for elevating interiors as well as storing essentials. An ideal product for a living space, this hand carved wooden sideboard with storage  is a must-have unit which serves as a statement piece to transform a room.   

Use an Antique Handcarved Buffet in Versatile Ways 

At Luxury Handicrafts, we provide a humongous collection of antique handcarved buffet and sideboards which boast different styles and designs. The vintage-inspired motifs reflecting centuries-old traditions look great in homes with traditional décor settings. Install these handcarved buffets and sideboards in these areas or rooms of your home to make the most of these useful furniture units:

Dining Room

From storing table linens, cutleries, finest liquor collection to other dining essentials, you can place a handcarved buffet in your dining area as it offers a perfect blend of artistic flair and functionality. With proper shelves and compartments, this piece allows you to arrange all the items systematically, ensuring that you get an access to the desired thing without wasting any time. Trust us, the next time you host a lunch party with your friends or a dinner date with a loved one, the presence of a stunning hand carved buffet cabinet will surely make your moments even more special and cherishable.

Living Room

These custom made handcarved furniture units are much more than storage units as their ornate carvings, Top of Formdetailed designs, and fine craftsmanship, make these pieces a work of art. As living room is that area of your home which is often exposed to guests and relatives, you cannot compromise on its appearance and beauty. Thus, homeowners prefer installing a hand carved sideboard  in the living room as it immediately draws attention becomes a conversation starter. Being a statement décor piece, it is truly a focal point of a living room, adding sophistication to the interiors. Besides, they also serve as a stylish media console to house your entertainment system or devices.  


Apart from relaxing and sleeping, a bedroom is your comfort sanctuary where you alleviate everyday stress, do deep thinking, come up with creative solutions, and rejuvenate your worn-out mind. Therefore, your bedroom should have the most visually-appealing ambience which makes you feel calm and stress-free. For those who appreciate timeless beauty of traditional furniture can buy an antique handcarved buffet cabinet which evokes a sense of grace, luxury, and grandeur. From intricate floral motifs to ornate scrollwork, and rich, dark finishes, everything about this buffet reminds us of the bygone era, creating a bedroom which has interesting anecdotes to share. Apart from this, use this unit to store your clothes, makeup essentials, grooming items, books, and other things you may need in your sanctuary.


Every curve, motif, and texture in this hand carved buffet cabinet is executed with precision and care by our in-house experienced artisans. This level of craftsmanship not only enhances the beauty and elegance of these buffets but also ensures their durability and longevity, making them heirloom-quality pieces that can be cherished for generations to come. Place it in the entryway to not only store your essential items but also make that first impression on your guests and friends with its stunning craftsmanship.

Reasons to Buy Hand Carved Wooden Buffet & Cabinet from Luxury Handicrafts

We, at Luxury Handicrafts, pay utmost attention to specific needs and requirements of our esteemed buyers and create something unique for each of them in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Though you may buy online handmade furniture in the USA from any other store, choosing us would be the best purchase decision. Here’s why you must buy handcarved buffet & sideboards from us:

  •   We offer intricate designs carved on the furniture units that represent the centuries-old traditions and craftsmanship practiced in the ancient times. The unit we craft is not only functional but a great addition to your home and surely a potential investment.
  •     The carvings are done on solid wood, such as oak, walnut, mahogany, ensuring that the piece remains durable and long-lasting for many years to come. The durability of the wood and craftsmanship that goes into handcarved pieces, makes the products incredibly strong and sturdy.
  •     We are known for customized design solutions. Thus, our artisans work meticulously on the shared specifications and individual preferences. With us, you will always have an ability to choose the type of wood for the handcarved buffet, the motifs, finish style, dimensions, etc. Each piece we craft reflects the homeowner’s unique sense of style and vision.
  •     With fastest delivery of online handmade furniture in USA, Luxury Handicrafts makes sure that your order reaches you within the assured date and time. We take immense pleasure in offering best delivery services to our clients across the United States.
  •   The ease, safety, and convenience of making payments makes us a reliable online furniture store. Here, we pay utmost attention to clients’ privacy, and make efforts to provide them with a seamless shopping experience with us.
  •   To solve our clients’ concerns and queries, we have hired a customer support staff that is available round-the-clock to assist you. Keeping your specifications in mind, you can ask these representatives to help you make an informed purchase decision from a wide range of styles, materials, finishes, and dimensions.

The timeless appeal and unmatched quality of handcarved buffet and sideboards will surely put you on a shopping spree. Discover our collection and be ready to express our individuality through our artistic works of art.


Frequently Asked Questions About Handcarved Buffet Sideboards


What types of wood are commonly used for handcarved buffets and sideboards?

To create handcarved buffets and sideboards, we use only high-quality, solid wood which are prized for their timeless beauty and durability. From the resistance to warping to rich colour and tight grains, oak, mahogany, walnut, and teak are specialised to craft the best furniture units.  

Are handcarved buffets and sideboards susceptible to damage?

No wonder these handcarved pieces are built to last a lifetime, but if you don’t take proper care and maintain their beauty, they can get prone to damage. Here are a few points to remember in order to maintain their beauty for many years to come

  • Avoid placing these units in direct sunlight as too much exposure can cause discolouration and warping.
  • With the passage of time, you may witness the signs of damage like cracks. You can opt  for repair and polishing techniques to avoid further damage.
  • Quickly clean the stains and spills to prevent harm to the wood.

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