Bone Inlay Furniture

Every home can use a little extra extravagance and elegance, and furniture made using the inlay technique is a great way to achieve this. You can personalize your room and make it a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing retreat with the alluring presence of inlay furniture presence. In this ancient practice of craftsmanship and attention to detail, the artisans gather, cut, and shape the pieces of camel bones which are carefully set into the intricate carvings made onto the wooden surface. Only Luxury Handicrafts should be trusted when purchasing bone inlay furniture online since we are experts in this process and are known for our well-made pieces that have exquisite carvings, beautiful details, sturdy wood construction, and unique design patterns.



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We Craft Luxury - The Bone Inlay Furniture 

Furniture with bone inlay is a demanding technique that requires a lot of skill. To create such aesthetically pleasing motifs on the hardwood surface, a great degree of precision and creative flair are necessary. These designs appear intricate with flowery motifs, drawing inspiration from geometric patterns. Once the pattern is complete, the furniture's wooden surface is painstakingly carved and sliced. Subsequently, the wood cavities are filled with glue and fragments of bone. 

After carefully cleaning the bones from animal remains, we cut and shape them into the appropriate designs. To produce a captivating design, the pieces of bone are then placed and fitted into the wooden furniture surface that has been carved out using colored resin. Once the resin is set, the surface is smoothed and polished with excellent perfection, allowing an attractive bone inlay design to mesmerize everyone. We have brought life and richness to several places with this age-old technique. Our next project could be your house! Allow our artists to create a priceless heirloom piece for your home that you will treasure daily and pass down to future generations.

Bone Inlay Furniture: An Array of Luxurious Units from Luxury Handicraft 

In our wide selection of bone inlay interior furniture, you will find visually appealing units that promise to enhance the aesthetics of your space as well as provide you with ultimate comfort and functionality. 

Bone inlay console table

We offer a beautifully created bone inlay console table featuring intricate bone inlay designs. Its presence will add elegance to any hallway or living space while allowing you to display your decor items and store essential things. 

Bone inlay beds

Upgrade the look of your bedroom space using an exquisite bone inlay bed or headboard in a variety of colors and beautiful designs. From black to grey, mint, brown, green, and white, we have all the shades to suit your bedroom's existing decor aesthetics. 

Bone inlay side table

Use a bone inlay bedside table to house your magazines, books, lamps, medicine box, reading glasses, water bottle, and other essentials within your arm’s reach for convenience. A chic side table adorned with delicate bone inlay patterns looks perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any space. 

Bone inlay dresser

Spruce yourself up in style and elegance using our stunning bone inlay dresser. Embellished with bone inlay details, this piece offers both style and functionality to your bedroom.

Bone inlay buffet

Use our sophisticated bone inlay buffet to maximize storage in dining or living areas. Its presence accentuates the beauty of your space, showcasing intricate bone inlay craftsmanship. 

Bone inlay entry table

Offer a grand welcome to your guests using a bone inlay entry table which you can place in a foyer or entryway to use its surface to keep things you may need handy while leaving home for work. 

Bone inlay desk

From the home office to the study room, a bone inlay desk is a useful piece of furniture that is adorned with exquisite bone inlay designs and attention-grabbing patterns. 

Bone inlay dining table

Perfect for hosting dinner or lunch parties, a bone inlay dining table will make your meal times unforgettable. 

Bone inlay media console

Do you need a stylish storage solution for your TV, game console or any other entertainment device? If yes, bring home a sleek bone inlay media console with proper storage space and fine detailing. 

At Luxury Handicrafts, we have a plethora of products that will fill your home with timeless beauty and opulence. Every product we sell, including a bone inlay tray, chest of drawers, coffee table, nightstand, mirror, stool, chair, and bone inlay bar cabinet makes your life easy and convenient. So, don’t wait anymore and explore our bone inlay furniture collection right away. 

Features of Bone Inlay Interior Furniture: What Makes Them Irresistible?

The demand and popularity of bone furniture in the UK, USA, Singapore, and other countries is humongous for a variety of reasons. Here are a few features of bone inlay furniture that make this type of ancient practice relevant even in modern times:

Luxury Touch: The designs created on the hardwood surface of bone inlay furniture look exquisite and refined because it is painstakingly manufactured employing techniques and details. These accent pieces will drastically change your status and way of life while also instantly updating the interiors. 

Visual Appeal: Our artisans develop patterns and designs that are aesthetically pleasing, and once the inlaid bone furniture is installed in a living area, it appears magical. Every pattern conveys a narrative and exemplifies the depth of art, ranging from geometric patterns to floral motifs and intricate scenes. The pieces we offer are made richer and more complex by the color contrast between the wood and the bone. 

Expert Craftsmanship: This centuries-old decorative method demands a high level of expertise and precision, therefore putting it into effect is no easy task. Every piece of interior furniture with a bone inlay design displays our exceptional level of craftsmanship. We have carefully chosen talented craftspeople who are experts in this field and skilled at creating elaborate decorations using precisely shaped and cut bones. 

Cultural Heritage: The bone furniture is an excellent example of cultural heritage. Its design was inspired by the ornate walls of Indian and Middle Eastern royal palaces and historical sites. Its history is fascinating enough for everybody to learn. Using a variety of motifs and patterns, the artistic traditions and cultural values of these countries are brilliantly captured. 

Versatility in Products: To guarantee comfort, beauty, and functionality, a range of furniture products can be made using the bone inlay process. Our artists sell a wide selection of products in a multitude of styles and color possibilities that complement your current home decor, from furniture to ornamental boxes, mirrors, and trays.  

Considering the distinctive choices and personal tastes of our buyers, Luxury Handicrafts also offers customized services to meet its customers’ decor preferences and comfort. Connect with Luxury Handicrafts today and buy best bone inlay furniture in USA, bone inlay furniture in UK, and bone inlay furniture in Singapore.

Care & Maintenance Tips: How to Preserve the Beauty of Bone Inlay Furniture

If you want the elegance of your bone inlay furniture to last for many years. Here are a few easy pointers to get you started:

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight: The resin and bone inlay on your furniture may fade or discolor if you place it in direct sunlight. Use shutters or drapes to lessen your exposure to sunlight if you are unable to avoid it.

Prevent Spills and Moisture: When serving visitors drinks and snacks, use placemats, coasters, and tablecloths on bone inlay center tables to avoid moisture rings and spills.

Clean Spills Quickly: As soon as something spills, clean it up quickly with a gentle, slightly moist towel. Steer clear of harsh.

Dust Often: To avoid accumulation, dust the bone inlay furniture on a regular basis with a gentle, dry cloth. This preserves the luster and cleanliness of the surface.

Gentle Cleaning Agents: Use a gentle soap solution with water if a thorough cleaning is required. Apply and gently wipe with a soft cloth. Steer clear of harsh cleaners that could harm the inlay.

Avoid Heavy Objects: Heavy things can undermine the structure of your bone inlay furniture and cause the inlay to crack. Avoid doing this.

Rotate Display Items: To avoid uneven wear or discoloration from prolonged exposure to certain items, occasionally shift goods displayed on your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions  Bone Inlay Furniture 

What is bone inlay furniture?

This type of furniture is crafted by embedding small pieces of camel bones into a wooden surface which creates a beautiful pattern or visually appealing designs. It is an ancient technique that was used centuries ago in India and the Middle East. Besides furniture, we have bone inlay mirrors and decorative jewelry boxes that reflect the beauty of historical culture. 

Does bone inlay furniture last?

At Luxury Handicrafts, we pay utmost attention to the quality of materials and wood we use to build the frame. Therefore, we ensure the highest durability and longevity of the bone furniture offered by us. Also, if you properly maintain the furniture unit by doing regular dusting and occasional polishing, it will keep looking its best for posterity. 

What kind of bone is used in furniture? 

The bones used for bone inlay furniture are usually from buffaloes or camels. These ethically procured bones tend to come from animals who passed away from natural reasons. To guarantee a uniform and appealing appearance, the bones are carefully cleaned, dried, and occasionally bleached after being gathered. Each piece is made more luxurious and distinctive by the use of bone material, which also enhances the object's exquisite finish and elaborate designs.

Why is bone inlay expensive?

Bone inlay furniture units are certainly not ordinary; they are treasured pieces of art which are created after a meticulous process. It involves labor-intensive craftsmanship which requires skilled and experienced artisans. Also, it needs high-quality bones and solidwoods for durability. The intricate nature of bone inlay work takes a lot of time, which naturally increases the cost of the product. 

Is bone inlay furniture ethical?

We, at Luxury Handicrafts, practice sustainability and thus we source camel bones from ethical regions. We also preserve the centuries-old inlay practices and work towards igniting the flames of traditional cultures and rich history.   

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