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Blend of Beauty & Functionality: Bone Inlay Bedside Table for Every Home

Article published at: Nov 2, 2023
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We all desire a bedroom that not only exudes elegance and comforts us after a long day, but also serves our practical needs. From having wardrobes and armoires to a chest of drawers which ensures proper storage, we need these classy furniture units to make our lives more organised and keep our sanctuary spick and span. 

Beyond its beautiful visual appeal, a bone inlay bedside table is a functional piece of furniture. This bone inlay nightstand serves as a convenient platform to keep your nightly essentials. From a small desk lamp to your favourite book, a water bottle, cell phone, medicine box, and reading glasses, you can just keep anything handy in an organised way. This simple arrangement of everyday essentials eases the access of the items you may require even at odd hours at night. 

A bone inlay side table with drawer can be a highly useful piece of furniture which can house all the small yet significant accessories and things you may need in your bedroom. You can even label the drawers to save time which often goes into finding the right thing easily. With this, you need not rummage through all the drawers to look for the item you immediately need. 

Luxury Handicrafts: Offering a Great Collection of Bone Inlay Night Table

Bone inlay has an intriguing history which dates back to umpteen centuries. Truly inspired from the period of Mughal Empire and royal courts of India, this intricate art depicts the artistic skill of craftsmanship with the camel bones.  Artisans create delicate and captivating patterns of carving on the surface of wood, and then the cravings are embedded with the meticulously cut pieces of the bone. That’s exactly how a white bone inlay nightstand or side table is created at Luxury Handicrafts. Every piece we craft here is a masterpiece in itself, and no two tables look identical. Buy bone inlay night table which is no less than a unique addition to any style of home- be it traditional or contemporary.

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The Exquisite Designs of Bone Inlay Bedside Table 

What entices modern homeowners to buy bone inlay nightstand online? Well, it is undoubtedly the visual appeal of the intricate designs and fine detailing in stunning colour combinations. Whether you opt for classic black and white, soft pastels, or vibrant colors, the patterns look extremely fascinating. From geometric designs to lovely florals, all these incredible motifs breathe life into the furniture piece, making it a statement piece that draws everyone’s attention and sparks a conversation. In our vast collection, you will get access to a variety of designs and colours that you must check out keenly before you choose a piece for your home. Make sure you pick a bone inlay side table with drawer which harmoniously blends in with the interiors and style of your existing decor. Even the colors should complement the design and colour palette prominent in the bedroom so that your space looks cohesive. 

Top Reasons Why You Must Buy Bone Inlay Night Table For Your Space

An ordinary-looking bedroom can be instantly turned into a peaceful retreat with a touch of luxury. When you buy bone inlay night table for your bedroom, you invite a flavour of opulence and richness. If you are still wondering why I should bring this functional piece to my bedroom space, then read through these reasons of their growing popularity:

Durability to Sustain for Years to Come

A bone inlay furniture unit is not only preferred for its finest craftsmanship but also for its higher durability. You never spend your money to buy a bone inlay nightstand, rather you invest in this piece which is strong enough to withstand daily use. Beyond aesthetics, these pieces ensure sturdiness. The in-house artisans working with us craft these stunning pieces which promise to last for many years to come. In addition, when properly maintained, these pieces become an heirloom piece for future generations to cherish and admire.  

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Versatility in Designs 

Available in various sizes, designs, colour combinations, and patterns, every bone inlay bedside table we offer in our collection is uniquely crafted. Be in any style of interior, such pieces can complement and look great in traditional, vintage, eclectic, contemporary, boho, and all kinds of decor styles prevalent in the world of interiors. In addition, these night tables can seamlessly fit into any bedroom, regardless of the available space. Whether you have a cozy corner to fill or a larger master bedroom suite, a bone inlay nightstand can be tailored to your needs.

A Timeless Piece to House Your Essentials 

A bone inlay bedside table design will surely remind you of the centuries-old history and traditions. How incredible it is to store or keep all your essentials in a furniture piece that is known for its skilled craftsmanship. It is surely a piece of heritage that tells a story to remember forever. Placing these units at the sides of your bed will ensure that your things are not haphazardly placed all over, creating a mess in the bedroom. Keep your bedroom neat and clean, creating an ambience with peaceful and calm vibes. 

Quick Tips to Maintain the Beauty of a Bone Inlay Nightstand

  • Regularly dust the surface of the furniture unit with a soft, dry cloth to keep it looking at its best.
  • Never use harsh cleaners as they may damage the inlay work and finish. If there is a spot you want to clean, then use a few drops of mild soap and gently wipe the surface. 
  • Avoid placing the nightstands near windows as the direct exposure to sunlight can cause discolouration or fading. Use curtains or blinds to protect the furniture from harsh UV rays.  

Investing in a bone inlay night table is a wise decision as this piece of furniture offers abundant elegance, functionality, and a reflection of cultural heritage. It has the power to transform any bedroom into a haven of style and convenience. So, whether you're revamping your home decor or simply looking for that one piece that helps you store the everyday essentials in a tidy manner, then explore the collection of bone inlay nightstands available at Luxury Handicrafts