Bone Inlay Coffee Tables: The Fusion of Art and Functionality

Bone Inlay Coffee Tables: The Fusion of Art and Functionality

Article published at: Sep 30, 2023
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In the realm of interior decoration, presence of the right furniture items does matter. And, if you are looking for a functional yet creative furniture piece with an artistic flair, then vouch for bone inlay coffee tables. These are not just the ordinary units to help you serve your guests with snacks and beverages, but are fascinating works of art, unmatched in aesthetics. Though Luxury Handicrafts offer a myriad collection of furniture pieces, the inlay coffee table stands out as a statement addition in the living room. 

It reflects the fusion of art and functionality as it serves a variety of purposes. When you check out this particular product in our exclusive collection, you witness an amalgamation of centuries-old craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. These bone inlay coffee tables are a visual delight as they are crafted with hard work and dedication of local Indian artisans and craftsmen. Let’s read this blog and delve deeper into the history of inlay, use of these timeless pieces in homes, the fusion of culture and style, and so on.  

We promise that the next 10 minutes of your life will change the way you perceive the world of furniture and interior decoration. Let’s get started!

The Heritage of Bone Inlay: Reminiscing the Good Old Days

The ancient technique of bone inlay has a rich cultural history to share. It dates back to the rulership of Mughals when it was introduced in India. At that time, the intricate patterns and finest detailing ornate work were immensely popular and were seen in many works of art, such as furniture, jewellery boxes, and other decorative items. 

The motifs and intricate designs were inspired by the historic traditions and cultures practised in the nations like Egypt, India, China, Morocco, etc. Now, when you look at our inlay coffee table collection along with other furniture units, you can see the reflection of those age-old traditions. With some modern interpretations and design sensibilities, these units look fabulous in contemporary homes. 

Materials and Craftsmanship: The Process of Crafting Inlay Coffee Tables 

The inlay work is an epitome of skilled craftsmanship and artistry. To begin with, the furniture designers come up with stunning design ideas and select the premium-quality materials for further steps. Our team works on solid woods, such as teak, oak, mango, and walnut as these woods ensure durability and longevity. After the selection of wood, our artisans create the selected design patterns on the surface of the wood, which is known as carving. With the best carving tools, these patterns are created meticulously. 

Then, we make use of the ethically sourced camel or buffalo bones. First, they are cleaned, sanitised, and then are cut and shaped into delicate pieces. These pieces fit perfectly into the carvings on the wooden surface, creating geometric or floral patterns. The precision and patience required for this intricate work are truly awe-inspiring. That’s how every inlay furniture is created in the house of Luxury Handicrafts, including the bone inlay coffee tables.  

The intriguing Fusion of Cultures and Styles

Check out our mesmerising collection of inlay coffee tables, and you will witness an interesting fusion of cultures and styles. The design on the tables reflect the traditions of different regions and historical periods. From classic Indian motifs to Arabic patterns and Moroccan designs, here you will get to enjoy the visual appeal that transcends borders. 

The Elegance of Bone Inlay Coffee Tables

By using a round inlay coffee table in your living room, you not only revolutionise the way you serve your guests but also invite oodles of charm and elegance in the interiors. From delicate hues like ovary and white to vivid colours like blue, dark brown, black, and green, here you get a plethora of options to choose from. Make sure you choose a piece which seamlessly blends with your existing decor design and interiors. Having said that, a striking contrast can also work wonders for your eclectic decor style.  The presence of intricate patterns and captivating hues of bone inlay create a sense of refinement that can transform any room. These tables are often used as statement pieces and instantly become the focal point of your living space.

Use of Bone Inlay Coffee Tables: Decor & Functionality

Undoubtedly, these coffee tables will let you experience the best of both worlds- timeless beauty & functionality. 

As a Decorative Statement Piece 

The inlay coffee table positioned at the centre of your living room seating arrangement looks absolutely fascinating to everyone who visits you. Its delicate design will draw attention towards its artistry and ageless aesthetics.  Celebrating the fusion of cultures and styles, this piece is sure to add depth and character to your interior design.

As a Functional Piece to Serve Guests

Beyond their decorative visual appeal, bone inlay coffee tables offer a practical surface for serving your guests in an opulent way. Its presence adds a royal-like emotion when serving guests with drinks and snacks. To protect the surface from moisture rings or spills, make sure you use placemats and coasters. 

As a Storage Unit to Keep Rooms Clutter-Free

Exuding practical storage solutions, these coffee tables also come with built-in drawers and shelves. With this added functionality, you can keep your rooms look more organised as you can stack away the magazines, remote controls, and newspapers under these drawers. 

Offering a harmonious blend of decor and functionality, these units have their unique identity and significance in our homes. They are not just tables; they are statements of traditional cultures and artistry which will never fail to enrich our spaces. 

If you are fascinated by the intriguing designs in bone inlay work, then take a deep dive into our humongous collection, and you will be enamoured with the beauty of our furniture pieces. 

With our customised feature, you can even get your furniture unit exclusively designed by our artisans just the way you want. Our team will breathe life to your dreamy design. We cannot wait for the day when you would proudly call it yours and flaunt in your space. Place an order now!