Heritage Furniture: Hand Carved Armoires for Modern Living Setting

Heritage Furniture: Hand Carved Armoires for Modern Living Setting

Article published at: Oct 1, 2023
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The utility of a wardrobe is not limited to the bedroom, and especially when it is a hand carved armoire representing skilled craftsmanship and human creativity. You can keep it even in your living room, study area, or home office to exude the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. The carved armoire wardrobe is a celebrated furniture piece which echoes the flavour of age-old traditions and heritage. 

In this blog, we will learn deeply about these exquisite statement pieces of furniture which never fail to add a touch of elegance and character to a living space. Read further and explore the ways it upgrades the interiors. 

The Timeless Appeal of Hand-Carved Armoires

Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, these marvellous works of art are reminiscent of history and cultural influences. Let’s see what makes these products worthy enough to be a significant part of your life:

Masterful Craftsmanship

The hand work done by local artisans is the result of their dedication and artistic flair. When you look at every intricate detail, you will be mesmerised with the ornate patterns and carved motifs. Each piece made at Luxury Handicrafts is an embodiment of mastery in the hand cravings and fine detailing.  

Unique Aesthetics

Take a deep dive into our humongous collection and you will be surprised to know that each carved armoire wardrobe is different from another in design and style. You can spot the uniqueness in the story behind every piece. The individual characteristics make these wardrobes a distinctive addition to a modern decor, adding depth and personality to the room. You can even team it up with other furniture pieces like a hand carved buffet for a complete and cohesive look. 

Timeless Beauty

The trends are like seasons, they come and go. However, the beauty of these hand carved furniture units is eternal. Their timeless visual appeal and aesthetics transcends the fleeting design trends. For centuries, this work of art has been a source of inspiration for furniture makers, and till today its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Buy a hand carved armoire which will always remain relevant and useful in the midst of ever-changing trends and designs. 

Functional Versatility

The most interesting part about these wardrobes is their ability to be useful to any room of your house besides the bedroom. As they are highly functional and timeless in appearance, let them serve you as a stylish and practical storage unit. Apart from hanging clothes, you can get the piece customised with compartments and shelves to house your media equipment and devices. In addition, you can store your office files, a huge books collection, dinnerware, crockery set, and so on. This way, you can keep essentials organised and your rooms free from any clutter. 

How to Use Hand Carved Armoire in Different Areas of Your Home?

The reasons behind the popularity of a hand-carved armoire are many, and thus this piece has made its special place in every room of your abode. Let’s see how it enhances your modern living settings.

The Bedroom 

A carved armoire wardrobe makes a stunning addition to a bedroom space. With its beautiful presence, it not only elevates the decor of bedroom interiors, but also provides ample storage space to store your clothing items, and personal items for everyday use. Their intricate designs and neutral colour schemes will create a harmonious balance of functionality and beauty. Arrange it in your bedroom and it will instantly become the focal point of the room.

Living Room Elegance

Your living room tells a lot about you. From the choice of wall colours to the furniture units, everything conveys your unique story and relationship with decor. Thus, make sure you choose this statement hand carved armoire to showcase your imperial taste. Besides adding the vibe of opulence and luxury, this product will help you store equipment, books, magazines, liquor bottles, dinnerware, etc. Team it up with a hand carved buffet or a chest of drawers, and coffee table, and you will be able to create a living room that looks more welcoming & visually appealing for your guests. 

Dining Room Delicacy

A meticulously crafted dining table with chairs isn’t enough to leave an impression. You would need a  wood handcarved furnituret or an armoire to refine the interiors and fill the empty space with a remarkable work of art. These products 

not only offer storage for dining essentials but also serve as striking decorative elements. 

Home Office Elegance

Make work from home interesting with the elegant piece of furniture and create an elegant atmosphere to enhance your mood. Install this carved armoire wardrobe to keep your important files, extra stationery items, office supplies, and even your laptop, charger, etc. The office furniture doesn't have to be boring. Add an element of grace to functionality and make your workspace a place for creativity. 

Tips to Choose the Perfect Hand-Carved Armoire for Your Palace of Happiness

It is not your home; it is a palace of happiness that deserves all the attention, love, beauty, and care. Thus, you must bring the right hand-carved armoire for your dwelling. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Select the right type of wood

At Luxury Handicrafts, we are known for crafting artistic pieces of furniture using solid woods, such as mango, Oak, and Walnut. Choose a wood that complements your existing decor. 

Buy the right size

Before adding the hand carved armoire to your shopping cart, measure your space to ensure that the armoire fits comfortably without overwhelming the room. 

Design and Motifs

Each piece available in our collection differs in designs and patterns. Thus, choose the motifs that suit your style of decor and reflect your personal choice. From floral to geometric patterns, here you will get everything you ask for. 

Storage Needs

Make sure you choose a piece after considering your storage requirements and needs. If you need an armoire to hang clothes, then use the one with hanging rods. On the other hand, if you wish to buy a hand carved armoire to store dining essentials, books, dinnerware, etc., then you would need the one with shelves and compartments for better organisation of things. 

Use these exquisite pieces into your modern living settings and enjoy the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary style. Visit Luxury Handicrafts today and place an order without further ado!