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Radiate Luxury: Transform Your Space with Mother of Pearl Furniture

Article published at: Sep 11, 2023
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They say, ‘There is no place like home’. And that’s so true! Our sanctuary provides us with the ultimate comfort, allows us to live countless moments of joy, and works as an embodiment of our personality. As they hold a great significance in our lives, these homes deserve so much more attention. If elevating the aesthetics of your living space has always been your dream, then it’s time to work towards it and make it a reality. 

As there is no home decor without the presence of furniture, make sure you add a touch of luxury to the interiors using mother of pearl inlay furniture. We, at Luxury Handicrafts, host a humongous collection of mother of pearl chest of drawers, sideboards, coffee tables, mirror frames, side tables, chairs, and whatnot. Enhancing grace and sophistication in any room of your home, these artistic furniture units represent the finest craftsmanship and intricate detailing. 

This exquisite material is also known as nacre. It derived its name from the nature of the mother that nurtures and protects the child. Similarly, the mother of pearls protects the mollusk.  When the light is reflected on the layers of nacre, one can witness the iridescent lustre and shine of a variety of colours. This material has been used for centuries to create stunning jewellery pieces, decorative items, buttons, musical instruments, etc.  

Let’s explore the mesmerising Mother of Pearl furniture units and learn how they can transform your space into a royal retreat of luxury and opulence. 

The Mother of Pearl Inlay Sideboard

The unmatched radiance and iridescent elegance of mother of pearl make this material the best choice for creating royal-like furniture pieces. The charismatic play of colours and an inherent glow, make the furniture looking at its best. If you wish to bring home a piece that offers you the best of both worlds- beauty and functionality, then the mother of pearl inlay sideboard is the best investment to make. Besides providing you ample storage solutions to keep your clothing, crockery, glassware, bar essentials, or anything else, this product creates visual intrigue in the atmosphere. You can place a mother of pearl inlay buffet in any area of your abode. From the entryway to the living room and bedroom, arrange it anywhere in the house and let it bring the ‘magic of beauty’ it is known for. 

Mother of Pearl Chest of Drawers

Being a remarkably versatile material, mother of pearl can be used in a variety of furniture pieces and styles. In addition, its beauty lies in its versatility. Whether you prefer classic, contemporary, or vintage decor designs, a Mother of Pearl piece can seamlessly blend into the interior decor. If storage is the biggest concern, and you’re looking for an elegant piece that can house your favourite items along with enhancing the charm of the ambience, then choose mother of pearl chest of drawers. With spacious drawers to keep your everyday stuff, accessories, makeup essentials, books, small clothing items, this product wins hands down. Not only this, Luxury Handicrafts has the best collection to offer- from elegant cabinets and coffee tables to luxurious dressers and bed frames, the possibilities are endless.

Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Tables 

Comfortable and utility furniture items complete a bedroom space. If you often struggle to find a place to keep your reading glasses, a glass of water, or your cell phone, then these mother of pearl bedside tables are exactly what you need the most. Besides allowing you to keep your small, everyday essentials handy, these furniture units make a perfect addition to the decor of your bedroom. Featuring intricate designs capturing florals, fishscale, lotus motifs, these units are a complete bliss. As these tables are smaller in size, especially crafted to fit into bed corners, you can easily accommodate them without worrying about space constraints. 

Mother of Pearl Inlay Mirror Frames 

As you’ve already embarked on the journey of transforming your ordinary home into a luxurious retreat, pay some attention to that drab wall of your home. Give it an aesthetic boost with a mother of pearl inlay mirror frame that looks simply exquisite and upgrades the appearance of the room wherever it is placed. Its presence will truly remind you of those tales when queens and princesses used to preen themselves in front of intricately-designed mirrors. 

There are several ways you can infuse the elements of richness into every room, but the easiest way is to bring home these furniture pieces crafted with artistic flair and craftsmanship. 

Exploring the Craftsmanship and Artistry Behind Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture

Unlike any other furniture unit, Mother of Pearl furniture requires attention to detail and meticulous planning. This ancient technique involves highly trained artisans with proficiency at carvings, embedding, detailing, etc. In this process, the delicate Mother of Pearl material pieces are carefully cut, shaped, and are embedded into the wooden furniture frames to create intricate patterns and designs. To come up with this level of craftsmanship, the dedication of artisans is involved in making these pieces. 

In case you want our in-house team of artisans or furniture designers to craft a piece tailored to meet your storage needs and design requirements, then get it customised from us.  We will create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is exclusive to your space, reflecting your personality and complementing home interiors.

With the power of mother of pearl inlay furniture, you can refine the ambiance of any room in your home. If you are thinking about its care and maintenance, then here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Maintain the beauty of mother of pearl inlay work for many years to come by keeping the units away from the direct exposure to sunlight. The harmful UV rays can affect the work and may fade it with the passage of time if the piece is exposed to the rays. Use curtains or blinds to protect these wonders from fading and damage. 
  • Prevent the buildup of dirt and grime by regularly cleaning the pieces with a soft, cotton cloth. 
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions as they can mar the beauty of inlay work. 

Explore a wide range of mother of pearl inlay furniture units available at Luxury Handicrafts a brand synonymous with grandeur and comfort.