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Sustainable Luxury: The Ethical Sourcing of Materials for Bone Inlay Furniture

Article published at: Aug 22, 2023
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With the awareness of the impact of human activities on the planet, several industries and businesses are adopting sustainable practices, let alone the furniture industry. It largely depends on natural resources, such as wood, textiles, metals, stones, etc. Thus, sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and production are essential to protect the environment. 

Prioritising sustainable practices, Luxury Handicrafts has taken on the responsibility to conduct ethical sourcing of materials for bone inlay furniture

Bone Inlay is an ancient technique which involves embedding intricately carved pieces of animal bones or other materials like precious or semi-precious stones into the surface of the wood to embellish a furniture unit. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, this technique has bestowed us with exquisite pieces of furniture that reflect beauty and royalty. 

Each masterpiece created by our skilled artisans is an embodiment of luxury and has the power to upgrade the interiors in an instant. 

But what about the sustainability of the materials that we use to make bone inlay furniture? Well, we’ve come up with this blog which comprises some useful information about how we create such adorable pieces without harming the environment in any way:

Materials Used for Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay furniture is inspired by the designs in Mughal era wherein the intricate patterns were on the peak. From floral motifs to ombre effects, herringbone and chevron designs, lattice and trellis Patterns, Arabesque and Scrollwork, bone inlay involves the use of such interesting designs. 

Since time immemorial, the bone inlay technique involves the use of animal bones. The remains of camels and buffaloes are used after they naturally die. These bones are then cleaned and bleached to give them a clean, polished look. After that, they are cut and shaped into pieces that perfectly fit into the intricate carvings and patterns drawn on the surface of the wood. The delicate shapes and patterns look absolutely gorgeous once the pieces are embedded into them meticulously. 

As customers have become more conscious and aware of unethical practices and don’t encourage the use of products that cause damage to nature, Luxury Handicrafts is a brand that works in alliance with ethics. 

Though we offer luxurious bone inlay furniture units, we ethically source the materials and products which we use to create every piece of furniture. We are proud pioneers of bringing the concept of sustainable luxury. It clearly means that we have blended the craft of bone inlay furniture with an eco-friendly and ethically responsible endeavour.

Let’s understand how we are contributing to the preservation of our environment:

No Harm to Animals

We take immense pride in sharing that we are strongly committed to sourcing animal bones from ethically raised animals, ensuring that no animal is deliberately killed or harmed for its bones. The materials our furniture designers or craftsmen use are often by-products of other industries, such as food or leather.

We Use Recycled Materials 

The traditional sourcing methods were not carrying out recycling and upcycling practices. But not anymore! Luxury Handicrafts is one of the leading brands which is increasingly utilising recycled or upcycled bone materials. As a result, it has significantly reduced the environmental impact associated with traditional sourcing methods.

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods for Artisans

Ensuring that the craftsmen and artisans get what they truly deserve, we follow fair trade practices. We collaborate with artisans to work with them closely on bone inlay furniture pieces and each of them is compensated fairly for their skills and labour. This way, we empower local communities and support their livelihoods. 

Use of Synthetic Materials: Like we’ve said earlier that we never intentionally kill or harm animals for their bones, we sometimes explore some synthetic materials as well, such as eco-friendly materials that look exactly like the appearance and texture of the bone, providing a sustainable option to our clients. 

Reduction of Waste: Being an ethical brand, we take utmost care while crafting and manufacturing furniture units to avoid wastage of materials. We prioritise the efficient use of materials, minimising wastage during the furniture making process (carving or inlay).

Use of Natural Finishes and Polish: Considering the importance of eco-friendly choices, we prefer using natural dyes, finishes and polishes which don't consist of toxic or harmful chemicals. The furniture finishes available in the market contain harsh chemicals that cause damage to the environment and are safe for buyers as well. 

Preservation of Traditional Art: Bone inlay is a centuries-old handcrafted technique inspired by the Mughal era. And as we are still practising it in modern times, then we are ensuring the preservation of a traditional technique while supporting the handmade craftsmanship carried out by skilled artisans. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging: The brand extends its commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging materials, minimising the environmental impact of transportation. We only use packaging materials made from recycled or biodegradable materials. This leads to the reduction of waste caused by excessive packaging material. 

Repair-Friendly Designs: The bone inlay furniture we sell can always be repaired or reconstructed after damage. The bone inlay pieces can be repaired without needing to replace the entire piece of furniture.

Use of Non-Toxic Adhesives: At Luxury Handicrafts, we responsibly use eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesives, such as water-based glues or natural resins to secure the bone pieces to the furniture surface.

Our brand is known for the most authentic bone inlay furniture with intriguing designs. Our designs have a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern sensibilities and interpretations. Exuding distinctive patterns and elegant allure, every furniture piece we sell not only promises beauty and comfort but also a sustainable environment for you and your future generations. 

As you are supporting Luxury Handicrafts by being its loyal buyer since its inception, you are not only bringing a touch of elegance into your space but also contributing to a more sustainable future. Our brand is a quintessential example of utilising sustainable practices into the creation of artistic products. Celebrating traditional craftsmanship to create beautiful, environmentally responsible pieces, we are proud of what we are creating for a better world! Discover our elegant pieces and place an order now.