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Our home furniture store is full of artistic creations; handcrafted by experienced artisans in India. We have a unique and endless collection of the finest wood furniture units that can add a layer of sheen to your home's interior. Our furniture covers all styles, from traditional to contemporary. All our furniture units are built with the wood of exceptional quality. With polished finishing and vivid colors, they radiate class and elegance. In addition, most of our products have multiple functions, making them the perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality.

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Luxury Handicraft Impressive Handmade Furniture for Your Dream Home 

Explore luxury like never before with Luxury Handicrafts. Our house of extensive range of furniture, available in various designs to meet every liking. In addition to creating a market, Luxury Handicrafts sparked a movement that embraced tradition against the tide of modernity. Our artisans set on a transformative journey to transform a house into a home. They put forth endless effort into fusing their ancient methods with cutting-edge ideas.

At Luxury Handicrafts, we have handpicked a talented team of furniture designers and craftsmen who specialize in creating intricate and refined designs using colored resin, which is poured into the cavities formed by carving out the wood. With the use of resin, the bone pieces stick to each other firmly. Besides, it gives depth to the overall design, making the piece look more vibrant and captivating.

Luxury Handicrafts - Offering Signature Collection 

Bone Inlay Furniture

Embrace the craftsmanship of generations past while creating a space that reflects your unique style and appreciation for beauty with bone inlay interior furniture. This luxurious furniture style transforms ordinary interiors into extraordinary havens, infusing them with a rich, sophisticated ambiance. Our craftsmen showcase their work of art that brings out history, culture, and luxury into your living space. Since its inception, Luxury Handicrafts has been ethically promoting to buy bone inlay furniture units in space if you are looking for something exotic and unique. As this artistic technique is inspired by the Mughal Era around the 17th century, our incredible furniture pieces featuring intricate designs have a clear reflection of royalty and opulence. Coming to the material we use in making furniture, our experienced designers make effective use of ethically sourced camel bone and solid, mango, and teak wood to form a base for bone inlay furniture. Considering the distinctive choices and decor tastes of homeowners, we provide endless customized options wherein you can choose the kind of wood you want in your furniture, color, and design patterns. Buy bone inlay furniture online like Beds|Headboards, Dining Tables, Console Tables|Desk, Almirah|Almoire, Chest of drawers|Cabinet, and many more. 

Mother Of Pearl Inlay Furniture 

A piece from our range of hand-crafted mother of pearl inlay furniture at Luxury Handicrafts will create a stunning centerpiece for any room. Each mother of pearl inlay furniture manufacturer has expertly upheld a tradition of quality and close attention to detail. The pearl inlaid into premium wood furniture, the iridescent mother-of-pearl inlay captures the light to lend a sense of grandeur and elegance to your home decor furniture. Whether it’s a beautifully inlaid console table, a mesmerizing mirror frame, or an exquisite chest of drawers, our furniture pieces are designed to captivate and inspire. Our mission at Luxury Handicrafts is to preserve the rich legacy of Indian handicrafts while bringing modern design sensibility into it. The antique mother of pearl inlay furniture is a tribute to the rich glory that expert skill can offer modern spaces, in addition to being useful works of art. With a distinctive and classic item from Luxury Handicrafts, you can elevate your living area and turn your house into a sophisticated, stylish refuge. Our mother of pearl inlay furniture features captivating designs and a dazzling finish. It's time for you to shop one and embrace your home decor.

Handcarved Furniture 

At Luxury Handicrafts, we honor the timeless appeal of wooden hand-carved furniture in the face of ever-shifting interior design trends. These gorgeous works are more than just decor items; they are a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship, tradition, and usefulness that lends a timeless beauty to any room. We craft our exquisite collection of furniture online like a coffee tables, sideboards, side tables, and headboards with the essence of high-grade wood choices, our hand-carved furniture is rooted in a tradition of craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years. Varieties such as Sheesham, mango, and teak are chosen not only for their durability but also for their distinct grains and ability to gracefully mature with time. Because it takes more than just copying conventional designs to preserve this legacy—instead, innovation must be welcomed.  Luxury Handicrafts provides customization choices so that you can adapt patterns to your particular tastes. It is time to accept the artwork, savor the luxury, and allow the classic beauty of your carved furniture to serve as a hallmark of your house.

Brass And Silver Furniture 

We believe furniture conveys a person's sense of taste and appreciation for fine craftsmanship in addition to being beneficial and practical. Metal furniture online is one of the many possibilities accessible; it is a timeless option that combines creative attractiveness with refinement. Our collection displays a beautiful combination of silver and brass furniture , resulting in a symphony of metals where the power of one metal balances out the other's harmony. Our beautifully crafted silver cabinets and brass-silver coffee tables complement any style, and when combined with a brass buffet and side tables, the whole looks stunning. Every item in our collection goes beyond simple utility to become an enthralling piece of art that enhances the atmosphere in your house. When you purchase furniture from Luxury Handicrafts, you're investing in statement items that perfectly capture elegance and craftsmanship and give your living area a touch of timeless refinement.

Marble And Gemstone Furniture 

Our collection boasts exquisite artifacts, sculptures, and tabletops crafted from the finest marble and adorned with precious gemstones. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Your home decor with marble and gemstone furniture will glam up your home ambiance . Whether you're looking to add a statement piece to your living room or a touch of opulence to your dining area. We at Luxury offer furniture online from intricately carved sculptures to stunning tabletops inlaid with precious gemstones, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your aesthetic preferences It is time to experience the allure of marble and gemstone furniture and transform your living spaces into showcases of luxury of Luxury Handicrafts.

Home Decor with Luxury Handicrafts’ Best-Selling Furniture Pieces

Our custom-made furniture can completely transform the overall look of your home, giving it an amazing and memorable appearance. Bone inlay furniture can be carefully chosen and arranged to create an atmosphere that expresses your taste in décor and individuality. Let's examine how you might enhance your home's interior design like never before with a range of inlay online furniture units:

Console Table |Desk - A bone inlay console table with intricate carvings is the epitome of elegance. It works best in modern homes that have a minimalist style. These wooden furniture solutions are highly recommended for those who appreciate art and culture. They provide a more organic and natural sense to the house because they are primarily made of natural wood. Determine the space where you wish to set up your workstation or console.

Chest of Drawers|Cabinet  - An inlay chest of drawers is a great addition to any living room, hallway, or bedroom, providing the best of both worlds: beauty and utility. These magnificent pieces are not only useful storage solutions but also gorgeous center points because of their exceptional craftsmanship, which originates from the elaborate inlay designs. Bone inlay chests of drawers are a conversation starter in any space because of their distinctive, handmade charm. Whether placed in a cozy corner or showcased in a prominent spot, a mother of pearl inlay chest of drawers is a timeless beauty addition.

Bedside Table |End Table - Get your bedroom reset for the next season by adding function and beauty with even a small bedside table or a perfect nightstand for your space. They are ideal for organizing and creating flair for your home and are great for keeping essentials.With in-built storage drawers and compartments, bone inlay bedside tables are versatile furniture units to keep essentials within reach. Allowing easy access to your knickknacks, it accentuates the style of your bedroom and takes its decor to new heights. 

Mirror Frame |Tray -  With our MOP frames and bone inlay mirror frames, your wall can have an eye-catching appearance. With these many mirror frame forms available online from Luxury Handicrafts, you can quickly and easily build a striking gallery wall. We can provide you with round, rectangular, or square frames. It is undoubtedly the ideal addition if you want to update the looks of your area. Additionally, think about customizing from us if you want our artists to make a one-of-a-kind, personalized mirror frame according to your specifications.

Sideboards & Buffets- Luxury Handicrafts Brass silver sideboards provide a touch of creativity to the interiors while also improving the aesthetic appeal of your house and providing you with a suitable storage option. These furniture pieces introduce you to the splendor of vintage-inspired designs while adding texture to the atmosphere. Every home can have something special and distinctive from our handmade collection of furniture items, which come in a range of shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. Before you add any pricey item to your shopping cart, consider your storage requirements and decor preferences. 

Coffee Table |Center Table - Choose a unique item that gives your room a cozy, welcoming feel to create a vintage-glam atmosphere. Mother of pearl center tables give refinement to any living space by reflecting timeless richness. Their geometric designs and elaborate floral themes look gorgeous in contemporary interior design. Also, bone inlay coffee tables become the center of attention in your space since they are interesting works of art in addition to being useful surfaces. Depending on your style the fine craftsmanship and intricate designs make them stand out.

Select from the Wide Range of Furniture Online at Luxury Handicraft


Everybody needs a cozy place to sleep. Who wouldn't desire a Hand carved wood furniture like bed  that is both gorgeous to look at and incredibly comfortable? Well, don't overlook the additional equipment, like the mattress. We offer every piece of furniture you require for a fully furnished bedroom, including the Almirah| Almorie, Beds|Headboards, Bedside Table |Nightstand, Media Console|TV Units, Dressing Table, cabinets, and other storage units. If you want to buy a bed online, Luxury Handicraft is here for you, take your first step at our online furniture store.

Dining Room

Step into your dining room for a delightful experience. It's decked out with everything you need: a stylish Dining Table, Coffee Table|Center Table, Buffet| Sideboard , Chest of Drawers|Cabinet, Console Table |Desk, Media Console| TV unit, Side Table|End Table. From cozy dinners to lavish gatherings, this well-furnished space is perfect for any occasion. So, whether you're sharing a meal with loved ones or hosting a party, your dining area is ready to make every moment special.

More For You 

More home décor items from Luxury Handicrafts include  Bar Cabinets, Boxes, Tray, Mirror Frames, Chairs, and Stool. With our amazing selection of handcrafted pieces, which are all expertly crafted to add charm and sophistication to your home decor, you may elevate your living environment. There is something for every taste and style in our selection of furniture and accessories, whether you're seeking chic storage solutions, classy accent pieces, or cozy seating alternatives. Our collection, which includes anything from versatile bar cabinets to elaborate mirror frames, blends artistry and functionality to create a luxurious atmosphere in your family's home. Your home gets turned into a luxurious and sophisticated retreat with Luxury Handicrafts, where each piece embodies a tale of exquisite craftsmanship and eternal beauty. 

Why Choose Luxury Handicrafts to Buy Furniture Online?

At Luxury Handicrafts, we take great pride in providing our valued customers with high-end furniture pieces that keep them happy and delighted. We never compromise on the appealing concepts we develop for your home as we are committed to bringing you the best craftsmanship possible. Even though mother of pearl and bone inlay furniture can be found in a few stores, the following factors make us a very reputable brand globally:

Experienced Artisans

With exceptional furniture designs created by our skilled artisans, we are known for unique patterns and interesting use of colors. Our craftsmen have mastered the technique of bone inlay, mother of pearl inlay, brass silver furniture, and handcarved furniture you can see it from the pieces of art available in our wide collection. 

Customized Design Solutions

If you have a specific design, color, shape, and size of the furniture in your mind, then share it with us. Our craftsmen will create custom pearl inlay furniture of your dreams that matches your choice and personality. 

Round-the-clock Customer Support

Our customer support executives are available 24/7 to assist you at all hours of the day or night. You can connect with us through a phone call, live chat, or email at your convenience whenever there is a doubt or query. 

Premium Quality Materials

We are known for using top-notch quality solid wood and premium bones and shells while making furniture units. With great quality materials, we produce units that ensure durability and longevity. 

A Huge Collection 

We have something enduring and elegant for every room of your house. Our collection consists of a chest of drawers, coffee tables, cabinets, chairs and stools, console tables, armoire, bedside tables, beds, dining tables, and what not. Customized Furniture Online from Luxury Handicrafts in one go. 

Combo Offers & Exciting Discounts

Our customers can avail discounts and combo offers which allow you to buy one bone inlay cabinet and two side tables at a fair price range. This will cost you less than buying the furniture units separately.

Hassle-free Returns

We have designed a smooth return and refund policy to ensure our clients enjoy a seamless shopping experience. In the rare case that you receive a defective or damaged furniture unit, you can easily request a return. For any queries, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or chat with us directly. We are here to help!

No Shipping Charges

At Luxury Handicrafts, we do not charge shipping costs from our customers. There are no hidden costs involved. Thus, rest assured that your order will be delivered at your doorstep in excellent condition without the need for you to pay anything extra. 

Luxury Handicrafts Furniture: Spot Our Furniture Presence World Wide 

Luxury Handicrafts aims to reach every nook and corner of the world by providing the finest quality furniture and decor at a valuable price. The goal of Luxury Handicrafts is to supply custom made hand carved furniture online at competitive prices in the US, UK, and all over the world. Finding characteristics of quality and variation in design when shopping for furniture might be challenging in India. Choosing to rely only on a brand is difficult. We stand out of the crowd because of the experience and expertise of the audience . You may truly appreciate the time you enjoy living when you have Handmade custom furniture in your home interior.

 furniture in your home. Therefore, furniture with a bone inlay, mother of pearl, brass, or silver, as well as handcarved pieces made with the highest attention to detail and durability, will last for a very long time.

It's time to give your house a creative touch with our amazing selection of mother-of-pearl and bone inlay furniture pieces. Known for their sophistication and opulent aesthetic appeal, the classic styles in our collection will make your home stand out. Explore our extensive collection and select the items that best capture your essence. We offer a large selection of excellent-quality, reasonably-priced furniture designs online. There is nothing that we miss out on, so visit us by searching for furniture online we are here and we are sure to pop up on your list A great method to see what we have to offer is to explore our online furniture website!