10 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

10 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

Article published at: Dec 1, 2023
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From adding timeless beauty to our spaces to making them look more organised, a bone inlay chest of drawers needs no introduction. No matter how much we revere these stunning pieces for making our lives simple and better, the praises and admiration will never be enough. If you haven’t still invested in this marvellous piece of furniture offered at Luxury Handicrafts, then it’s time to meet these beauties and know about them in detail. 

In this blog, we will explore 10 reasons why you must bring home an inlay chest of drawers. However, before we plunge into its uses and benefits, it is essential to unveil the story about its centuries-old craftsmanship and an intriguing tale of history. 

Bone Inlay Chest: An Unforgettable Saga of History & Cultural Traditions

The bone inlay cabinet or chest is not an ordinary piece of furniture which you can find in every house, it is a work of art that can be found only in the homes with a classy decor taste and a distinctive sense of style. These furniture units are not built only with materials, tools, and techniques but are meticulously crafted with skill, patience, and dedication of expert artisans. Each inlay chest available in our esteemed collection represents the age-old culture and traditions of intricate carving and woodworking. Even the designs and patterns are greatly inspired by the finest detailing and ornate work portrayed on the walls, domes, corridors, and pillars of the magnificent palaces in the bygone era. 

From the intricate motifs to colour combinations, every element featured in these inlay chest of drawers is reminiscent of an ancient epoch. 

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The entire process of creating bone inlay drawers starts with the selection of material like high-quality woods and camel bones for inlay work. Then, the artisans and designers create designs or patterns to adorn the drawers. After constructing the wooden base and assembling the structure, the bones are gingerly cut into shapes and sizes to fit into the detailed pattern. The inlay process starts when artisans carefully place the cut bone pieces onto the carved surface. This technique takes days and months to complete one piece of furniture, and that’s why every item in the house of Luxury Handicrafts is special and unique.   

Now that you know the journey, let’s read through the reasons why you must have a bone inlay cabinet in your abode.

  1. Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Every piece of furniture is admired for its craftsmanship or the way it has been created with dedication and precision. The bone inlay chest of drawers is built using an exquisite craftsmanship which involves making intricate patterns and carefully cutting the pieces of bones to fill the carvings on the wooden surface. All of it requires patience and effort. Being a labour-intensive process, inlay work is truly acknowledged worldwide by art connoisseurs. 
  2. Exceptional Beauty & Grace: You can effortlessly spot a bone inlay furniture piece in a room of other types of furniture units as their charm is unmatched. Their attention-grabbing presence turns heads and grabs eyeballs as inlay work transcends all the trends. It is truly that stylish addition to your home which will stand the test of time, ensuring that your space exudes the fragrance of sophistication and opulence. Representing classic beauty and luxury, a bone inlay chest is all you need to elevate your home decor.
  3. Distinctive Design Options: Result of an ancient technique of art, a bone inlay drawers comes with unique designs and patterns inspired from age-old traditions and cultures. In our collection, you will never find two pieces exactly alike as we take pride in creating something different for every buyer with excellent colour combinations. 
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  4. Long-Lasting Charm: To bring home any piece of furniture, durability is the most important factor to keep in mind. And, our bone inlay furniture wins hands down in this criterion. At Luxury Handicrafts, we use only premium-quality woods which ensure longevity and durability. Also, with regular cleaning and maintenance, our pieces remain precious and charming for many years to come. A bone inlay chest of drawers, if cared properly, will serve as an heirloom treasure for posterity. 
  5. A Marvellous Symbol of Anthropology: Narrating the tales of cultural heritage and traditions, each bone inlay dresser anthropology is a treasure for us and our future generations. It carries cultural significance and has its origins and roots in various cultures of different nations like India, Egypt, China, Arab, etc. These pieces connect us with these traditions and add depth to the ambience like never before. 
  6. Harmonises with Every Style of Interior: One of the best reasons to buy these pieces is their ability to complement different interior decor styles and themes. These chests can be installed in a traditional setup as well as a modern, minimalistic home. All you need to be careful about is choosing the right colours. For instance- an ovary, pristine white, or a beige colour will look great in minimalist interiors instead of using maroon or brown shades. 
  7. Improved Functionality: A bone inlay cabinet can be used in a variety of ways in your home. Its primary use as a storage unit will help you house your essentials, cosmetics, hairstyling tools, books, dinnerware, electronic devices, etc in an organised way. Besides, you can utilise their top surface to showcase souvenirs, a decorative flower vase, candle stand, an artefact, etc. This arrangement will surely make the room visually appealing and create a focal point. 
  8. Serves as a Conversation Starter: Adding depth and character to your space, a bone inlay chest of drawers looks so interesting and royal in a home that it quickly captures attention and serves as a conversation starter. It transforms the ambiance of a room with its unique design and elegance. 
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  9. Promotes Sustainability: Mother Nature has given us a lot and it is our responsibility to take care of it by using sustainable furniture units. At Luxury Handicrafts, we responsibly choose the bones from the remains of camels that died of natural circumstances and make use of traditional methods and materials to support local artisans and preserve the cultural heritage.
  10.  Makes Your Home More Welcoming: A decorative ambience featuring a royal touch with no clutter around makes the space more inviting & welcoming for your guests. Leaving lasting impressions on your acquaintances, these pieces will be etched in their memories forever. 

These benefits highlight how investing in a bone chest of drawers is beneficial not only to make your home more organised but also to upgrade it with beauty and cultural inspirations. Explore our splendid collection and choose the pieces that glorify your space in an exquisite way.