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Crafting Magic: The Intricate Inlay Process Behind Luxury Handicraft's Furniture

Article published at: Aug 19, 2023
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Specialised in the intricate bone inlay furniture, Luxury Handicrafts is a name that has been satiating inlay technique enthusiasts for several years since its inception. With the mesmerising fusion of Indian history, craftsmanship and delicate patterns, every piece of furniture made with inlay process looks truly magical. They have the power to accentuate the appearance of your home, standing it apart in beauty and sophistication.

If you’re interested to know about this ancient decorative technique which is also known as marquetry, then read this blog from top to bottom. In this step-by-step narration of the inlay process, you would understand what all effort goes into bringing a piece to your living space.

Let’s get started!

Materials Used in the Inlay Technique

Bone inlay furniture units & mother of pearl furniture are created with the amalgamation of right materials and a wide range of elements. From lapis lazuli, malachite, and mother of pearl to even precious metals like gold & silver, in the process of inlay work the beautiful combination of such materials adds a touch of luxury to an ordinary piece of furniture. Each piece has its own contribution in crafting a furniture that exemplifies elegance in the most unique way.

Besides these precious or semi-precious stones or decorative metals, wood works as a foundation for creating a durable inlay furniture. We mainly use rosewood, walnut, teak, and mahogany with a variety of grain patterns for a captivating look. The inlaid materials and wood create a striking appearance, which never fails to breathe life into any design or pattern.

The Step-by-Step Process of the Inlay Technique

The inlay process involves a few stages which are required to be carried out with immense attention to detail, precision, and intricate craftsmanship. The journey from a raw, wooden frame of a furniture to a splendid bone inlay furniture is worth sharing. Allow us to help you understand how these pieces are meticulously crafted to enhance your living spaces.

Sketch Intricate Patterns

First things first, our skilled artisans create splendid sketches of designs on the paper before carving them on the surface of the wooden frame. From floral motifs to innovative geometric patterns, a variety of designs are carved in order to make the final decision. As every remarkable piece begins with a vision, our artisans conceptualise a design that not only brings aesthetics but also offers functionality, and practicality. They also draw inspiration from nature's eternal grace, historical motifs that you may have seen in the walls of royal palaces, or modern-age art. The designs are meticulously sketched onto the paper before they are finalised by experienced designers. This step sets the stage for the intricate artistry that is to follow. The harmonious interplay of creative forms and shapes ensures the creation of wonderful furniture units in the further steps of the inlay process.  

 Finalise the Design

A plethora of designs and patterns are proposed by our talented team of designers. The experienced furniture specialists go through the sketches and finalise the designs.

Selection of Inlay Materials

According to the finalised design, the inlay materials are carefully selected- from the type of metals to the wood. Stones or decorative elements are picked to create a captivating colour contrast. Each element is hand-cut or carved into pieces that can be perfectly fit into the design patterns. Selecting the right material plays a significant role in making of the furniture because the right colour and texture create a harmonious visual symphony.  

Placement of Inlay Materials

In this stage of the inlay process, our artisans use specialised tools to create ‘beds’ in the surface of the furniture. These beds are also called recesses which are created to house the inlay pieces. Each piece sits peacefully in these beds, thereby creating an intricate pattern. With ready designs and materials, the process of cutting and carving takes place. By creating precise forms, the masterpiece is further built which never fails to attract everyone who visits you at home.

Fix the Inlay Pieces Meticulously

Our artisans use the right mix of adhesives and techniques to fix the inlay pieces securely. For this, there has to be a deep understanding of the right adhesives to give a long-lasting stability of different inlay materials. Once the pieces are affixed, the surface is sanded and smoothed to give a refined and polished appearance to this setting.

Give the Finishing Touch

To protect and preserve the natural beauty of wood and inlay materials, our artisans sand, polish, and highlight the intricate inlay work using these finishing techniques.

Every bone inlay furniture unit piece created in the house of Luxury Handicraft narrates the intriguing stories of history, culture, and skilled craftsmanship. Our luxurious collection carries the soul and spirit of this ancient art form while embracing contemporary interpretations for modern homes and apartments.

The finest furniture pieces made by our teams represent the timeless beauty of bone inlay technique. Thus, it’s our responsibility to keep their grace intact through regular care and maintenance techniques.

Here are some of the quick tips to follow:

  •   Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners to protect the charm of the inlay work. Simply do regular dusting with a soft, cotton cloth.
  •   Keep the furniture units away from the direct exposure of sunlight as it leads to the fading or discolouration of inlay materials.
  •   Never scrub the surface of the furniture unit in order to clean the spills and spots. Rather, gently rub the spot using a slightly damp cloth.

Now that you know the process behind the creation of every piece at Luxury Handicrafts, you would agree that our collection is as precious as your dreams. From the living room to the bedroom to the dining area, we have a visually appealing and highly useful furniture unit for every space of your abode.

Discover our royal collection and find the pieces you resonate with the most. Decorating your space with such delicate beauties will surely be an enriching experience for you and your family. For best deals and offers, keep visiting us. Happy Shopping!