Intricate Designs, Timeless Appeal: Bone Inlay Console Tables & Desks

Intricate Designs, Timeless Appeal: Bone Inlay Console Tables & Desks

Article published at: Nov 9, 2023
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Every bone inlay furniture piece is an epitome of craftsmanship and dedication to artistry. And we are saying this confidently because artisans take hours, days, and even months to create even a single item of furniture. Behind every unique piece, there lies a labour-intensive process that demands great skill and passion. From cutting the bone pieces to embedding them meticulously into the intricate carvings on the surface of the wood, this ancient technique of bone inlay has the fragrance of our culture and traditions. 

Luxury Handicrafts is a brand which is firmly committed to presenting several inspiring stories of hard work through these extraordinary furniture units. Bone inlay console tables & desks are one of those myriad of furniture items which are gaining popularity in the world of interior decor.  

Understanding the Beauty of Intricate Designs 

From elaborate geometric to floral designs, every layout or pattern created in the bone console table is truly exemplary. Though in our vast collection, you find an interesting amalgamation of colours, even the harmonious contrast between the natural tones of bone or the wood creates wonders. 

What differentiates a bone inlay writing desk from the other ordinary desks is its intricate design. These desks are often adorned with ornate patterns of florals, geometric shapes, and vines. Such elaborate and fancy layouts add a sense of opulence and elegance to any decor style. With the presence of such units, you can enhance the levels of aesthetics in your home and add depth to your rooms. Apart from being visually appealing, an inlay console table ensures versatility. It can effortlessly be teamed up with any style of decor- from modern & chic to classic and eclectic. Just install it anywhere in your home, and let it take the centerstage. These desks create a lasting impression that transcends trends and generations. 

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Explore the Ways You Can Use Bone Inlay Console Tables & Desks in Your Home

Talking about functionality, there are several opportunities for you to make the best use of these bone inlay console tables & desks. Beyond aesthetics, they offer several uses and benefits that can genuinely improve your way of living, ensuring convenience and comfort. Read through the uses below and you will agree that these pieces are a valuable addition to your home. 

Entryway Elegance: Make your entryways inviting for your guests and friends by placing a bone console table. Use the drawers to keep the home keys, sunglasses, bills, and other small yet significant items in place. You can even use its flat surface to display decorative items like flower vases, sculptures, or a stylish table lamp. With the presence of such a splendid piece of furniture, you can surely make your first impression right.  

Living Room Centrepiece: This area of your home holds special significance as all the conversations and laughter take place over here. From a black bone inlay console table to the one featuring vivid colours, install the piece you like in the living room and let it serve you as a focal point of the room. To refine the ambience of the room, you can creatively make a use of its top surface by displaying family photos, artwork, or collectibles. It's an ideal spot for a decorative mirror above it. In the drawers or shelves, you can keep the books, board games, accessories, reading glasses or anything you may instantly need. 

Bedroom Vanity: Your bedroom is not only a space for relaxation and comfort but also for vanity. It is the area of the house where you get ready every day for a beautiful start of the day. Create a perfect place to spruce yourself up by arranging a bone console table, place a mirror above it and add a comfortable chair to get ready nicely. Use the built-in drawers or shelves to house your accessories, make-up products and grooming essentials.

Unique Side Table for Empty Corners: The empty corners of a living room are often overlooked when it comes to decorating interiors. This time add a unique decor twist by placing an inlay console table or desk in the corner. You can either use its surface to add decorative pieces that add artistic flair to the room or you can use it to hold drinks and liquor collection especially when you are hosting a house party for your guests and friends. 

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Workspace Which Spews Confidence: A bone inlay writing desk can be an ideal addition to a workspace or home office. These desks not only elevate the aesthetics of your home office but also help you keep your laptop, files, and stationery organised and handy. With such interesting furniture items, your work productivity improves to a great extent and makes your daily tasks feel more fun & exciting instead of boring. 

Dining Room Storage: Besides a dining table set, there is something more you would need to make a seamless dining experience for your guests. An inlay console table can be kept to store the dining essentials like napkins, cutleries, serving dishes, etc. Use the top surface to keep a water jug and glasses for guests or any decorative item to enhance the ambience. 

These pieces are not just practical but also timeless, adding an element of sophistication to your interior decor. So, what are you still mulling over? Explore the humongous collection of bone inlay console tables & desks at Luxury Handicrafts and choose the one that speaks about your personality and aligns beautifully with the existing style of your interiors. 

Maintenance & Caring Tips for Bone Inlay Desk and Tables

A bone inlay console table is precious to your home, thus it's essential to pay attention to its longevity. Here are a few tips to make it look its best for years. 

  • Avoid placing these tables in direct exposure to the harsh rays of sun as it causes fading. 
  • Always do regular dusting to keep it from accumulated dust and debris. 
  • In case of spills, wipe them up immediately to prevent damage to the delicate inlay work. 

Invest in these stylish pieces of bone inlay furniture and keep the flame of this ancient technique of craftsmanship alive for future generations. Place an order now!