Nature's Influence: Floral Motifs in Furniture

Nature's Influence: Floral Motifs in Furniture

Article published at: Oct 16, 2023
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To create something magical or visually appealing, the in-house furniture designers working with Luxury Handicrafts are bound to think creatively. Most of the time, they seek inspiration from Mother Nature, which has a bundle of everlasting beauty and grace. As furniture plays a crucial role in transforming spaces, it needs to be as special and breathtaking as outdoors. You can witness a canvas of creativity in the bone inlay furniture items wherein we have used lovely floral motifs that reflect elegance and grace to their full capacity. 

Using floral design is one of the most enchanting trends in furniture design as it helps to integrate the beauty of nature into our homes seamlessly.  In this blog, we will explore how mother of pearl furniture, bone inlay, and wooden hand carved furniture with floral motifs and ornate details can give a significant boost to the interiors of your home. In our classy collection of furniture units, you will be thrilled to see how floral motifs breathe life into your living spaces. Let’s take a read without further ado!

The Floral Artistic Flair in Bone Inlay Furniture

Reflecting the fusion of tradition and modernity, the presence of bone inlay furniture is no less than a blessing and a visual treat to the eyes. With origins dating back to the Mughal era, this art form has continued to captivate us with its delicate and intricate floral patterns. Let’s see how different types of bone inlay furniture items crafted in flower designs can up the decor game without fail. 

Bone Inlay Dresser: A bone inlay dresser adorned with patterns of blossoms not only adds a touch of opulence to your bedroom but also tells a story of craftsmanship passed down through generations. Now getting ready for work or an evening outing will never be the same as you will spruce yourself up in front of this marvellous work of art. 

Bone Inlay Buffet/Sideboard: The mesmerising bone inlay buffet can serve as a statement piece in your dining room, where intricate floral designs create an atmosphere of timeless elegance. You can keep your dining essentials, placemats, coasters, even cutleries and dinnerware to ease the process of serving your guests with meals. 

Bone Inlay Bar Cabinets: The beautiful carving with the floral impressions on a bone inlay bar cabinet will give an aesthetic boost to your home decor. No matter where you install it- be it dining room or living room, it will surely turn heads with its enchanting presence. 

Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers: From lilies to orchids, the designs of such splendid blossoms on a bone inlay chest of drawers will make this furniture piece the most treasured addition to your home. Make an effective use of the built-in drawers and compartments in this product and keep your essentials in place. 

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The Elegance of Botanical Impressions on Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture

With pearl-like shine and iridescent glitter of a mother of pearl furniture, you can elevate the look and feel of your space. To top it all, if the furniture unit features charming floral motifs, then nothing more like it. Explore what magic it brings to your abode:

Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers: The floral designs on mother of pearl inlay chest of drawers are delicately handcrafted using small pieces of iridescent mother of pearl. These pieces are embedded into the carvings on the wooden surface of the furniture. Use them anywhere in the house to experience the flavour of opulence and luxury. 

Mother of Pearl Inlay Cabinet: This piece with finest depiction of blooms and vines offers a valuable storage space to keep your clothing, liquor collection, stationery, or various other belongings safely. Even though it offers functionality, its beauty is never compromised. Use this versatile and practical addition to your home and let the floral design soothe your mind. 

Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Tables| Nightstands: Who would not wish to experience the beauty of nature infused into a functional piece of furniture? Exhibiting the artistic flair and creativity, our mother of pearl inlay bedside tables are an epitome of beauty and style. The intricate flowers and vines on these tables add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. 

Mother of Pearl Coffee Table: Serving your guests with beverages and snacks will no longer be an ordinary ritual to welcome them. A mother of pearl coffee table with petals and flora will make your guests feel special and create an environment more inviting for them. 

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Mother of Pearl Console Table: As first impressions are always significant, leave your friends and guests in complete awe with the mother of pearl console table installed in the entryway or a hallway. The designs of floral arrangements on the lustrous surface of mother of pearl will leave a lasting impression on anyone who looks at it even for once. 

Floral Marvels in Wooden Hand Carved Furniture

The amalgamation of wooden hand carved furniture and floral motifs brings a rustic and artistic dimension to your home. Such interesting pieces tell stories of nature's everlasting beauty. Discover how the wondrous carvings of blossoms on a wooden hand carved furniture will transform your space:

Wooden hand carved buffet: Want to upgrade the aesthetic appeal in your dining room or living room? With the presence of a wooden hand carved buffet adorned with floral patterns can do that for you. Offering both storage and beauty, this treasured piece is a sight to behold.

Wooden hand carved bed: Make your bedroom a perfect oasis of relaxation and serenity using a wooden hand carved bed with an intricate detailing of florals. The carved headboards in patterns featuring blooms give a timeless look to the interiors, making the environment appear fancy and sophisticated. The hand carved wooden beds available with Luxury Handicrafts deserve all the attention as they turn ordinary-looking bedrooms into a tranquil haven that celebrates nature's motifs. 

These stunning pieces of furniture give an ode to the enchanting world of floral designs which capture the essence of nature's beauty in the most artistic way. Take a deep dive into our exclusive collection and bring home something unique and creative this time! Place an order now for lucrative discount offers.