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The Beauty of Bone Inlay: Transforming Your Living Spaces

Article published at: Sep 6, 2023
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There is surely something magical about the centuries-old cultures and traditions. They are still relevant and mesmerising us in modern times with their timeless beauty and grace. 

One such example is the use of bone inlay furniture in contemporary interiors. If you too are looking to upgrade the aesthetics of your living space, then this fusion of classic intricate artistry details with modern interpretations will look absolutely great. 

Explore the enchanting world of bone inlay and mother of pearl furniture which ensures that your space never looks the same. From the bone inlay cabinet to dresser, coffee tables, almirah, bedside tables, stools, console tables, Luxury Handicrafts has a lot to offer. Let’s see how these masterpieces can improve the beauty of your house. 

Bone Inlay Cabinet: Enhancing Grace & Maximising Storage

This isn’t an ordinary cabinet we’re talking about. It is a bone inlay cabinet which not only provides a storage solution but also accentuates the look of your space and takes it to new heights. The presence of these cabinets has the power to grab all the eyeballs as the designs and patterns reflect uniqueness and creativity. Serve as a focal point in any room, these cabinets are available in both- vibrant colour palette and subtle, monochromatics as well. These colour schemes add a sense of luxury and refinement to your living spaces. It’s time to make your home clutter-free and the representation of beauty at its best.

Bone Inlay Dresser: Elegance in Every Detail

The exquisite craftsmanship and artistic motifs give an ordinary dresser an extra charm and elegance which illuminates the entire ambience of your space. Use this bone inlay dresser either in your bedroom or living room to keep your essential things in an organised way while adding oodles of sophistication to bland interiors. This highly functional piece also allows you to use its top surface to display decorative items, such as flower vase, canvas art, lamps, or any sculpture that complements the existing decor. 

Bone Inlay Sideboard: Bringing a Touch of Luxury

Every bone inlay product we have in our collection is an epitome of elegance and functionality. From storing your expensive dinnerware to other dining essentials and accessories, a bone inlay sideboard is a versatile piece that not only maximises space but also refines the appearance of your space. With a wide spectrum of choices in patterns and designs, you can bring home a sideboard which resonates with your preference and decor style. It serves as a decorative centrepiece which never fails to bring indoors a touch of luxury.  Let this piece become an inspiration for a room's new look.

Bone Inlay Chairs: A Royal Seat of Power & Aesthetics 

The moment you take a look at our humongous collection of bone inlay chairs, you will start imagining times of royal courtyards, monarchs, and palaces. The intricate designs with fine detailing, artistic use of vibrant hues, and comfy upholstery on the seat, the fusion of everything makes these chairs a reflection of the Mughals ruling period. Make sure you buy these chairs keeping your comfort and aesthetics in mind. We have displayed the dimensions and features of every product on our website so that you bring home a piece that completely belongs to you. For a custom-made unit, connect us with and tell us your requirements. Bone inlay furniture has endless design options in a variety of colours that blend in with your interiors perfectly. 

How to Incorporate Bone Inlay Furniture into Your Existing Home Decor?

Most of us believe that these intricate designs with floral motifs and geometric patterns are meant to be designed for classic, traditional decor settings. However, it’s not true! You can infuse the boundless beauty of bone inlay furniture in the different interiors styles of spaces- be it vintage, rustic, bohemian, traditional or modern. Let’s learn how you can do that:

Mix and Match: There is no such rule in the realm of interior design that you have to buy identical furniture units for a room. Thus, you can always be creative while decorating your home. blend your bone inlay piece with a variety of furniture styles for a captivating eclectic look. The juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements can create a visually stimulating atmosphere which will be loved and adored by all. 

Go with Color Coordination: Experiment with colour schemes that will add a striking visual appeal in the ambience. Use the shades in your bone inlay furniture to guide your other decor choices. For instance, you can incorporate the cushions, curtains, and other accessories that echo the hues found in your chosen furniture piece.

Use Lamps or Pendant Lights to Illuminate the Pieces: These decorative pieces of furniture look even more appealing to the eyes when they’re illuminated with the strategically placed lighting. The beautiful interplay of light and shadow highlights the exquisite beauty of intricate patterns and makes your bone inlay furniture piece even more captivating to look at. 

Let the Decor Accessories Play a Huge Role: Whether you have placed a dresser, a sideboard, or a chest of drawers in the living room of your space, make sure you enliven its charm with decorative wall hangings, such as artwork, mirrors, ceramic wall plates, etc. These small yet significant decor details will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.


Final Thoughts 

With unmatched allure and functionality, all the bone inlay furniture units are used creatively in modern homes these days. And why not, these artistic beauties have got everything your home needs- grace, comfort, and functionality. 

Bone inlay furniture, whether it's a cabinet, dresser, or sideboard, its unique craftsmanship and timeless beauty can elevate the appearance of a room instantly. If you want to infuse your home ambience with the air of sophistication and artistic flair, then check out our intriguing collection only at Luxury Handicrafts. Our in-house craftsmen and artisans hold proficiency at embedding delicate bone pieces into the wood surface to create impeccable designs. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your guests with the eternal charm of bone inlay.