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7 Best Dining Tables - Because Your Meals Deserve the Best Seat in the House!

Article publié sur le site: 13 juin 2024
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Welcome to the fabulous world of Luxury Handicraft, where every dining table is a handmade masterpiece of Indian craftsmanship, embodying pure luxury and style. Boring, run-of-the-mill tables? Not here! We’re talking about handcrafted dining tables that are so stunning, and make your food look like a five-star culinary masterpiece. Take a tour through our bone inlay dining tables and mother of pearl inlay tables that will turn your dining room into a haven of light. 

Just to be clear imagine having a mother-of-pearl inlay table that has your guests in awe before the appetizers even arrive,  Or a dining table set with bone inlays that always proves to be the show-stealer at every dining party and actually makes your food presentation simply more delectable. These tables aren't just furniture; they're the ultimate conversation starters. So, get ready to feast your eyes (and your belly) on Luxury Handicraft’s best handcrafted dining tables online, turning every meal into a royal banquet experience!

Bone inlay dining table

Dine Like Royalty: Bone Inlay Table Extravaganza!

  • Targua Bone Inlay Round Dining Table Teal Green

Ever dreamt of dining in a palace? Well, the Targua Bone Inlay Round Dining Table in Teal Green is your ticket to royal dining. This table is like the Taj Mahal of dining tables, boasting an exotic look with a generous dash of Indian craftsmanship. Picture this: a table top meticulously handcrafted with hundreds of bone inlay pieces, sitting on a sleek, contemporary timber base. The intricate handmade bone Inlay Dining Table will have your guests gasping in awe before they even take a bite of your delicious food.

  • Geometric Floral Bone Inlay Round Dining Table Grey

Next up, we have the Geometric Floral Bone Inlay Round Dining Table in Grey. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on this table, with its luxurious and rich feel courtesy of its exotic inlay round dining table with chairs. This charming handmade table isn't just for looks – it's comfortable to dine on, making every meal feel like a cherished family gathering. The table edge features a delicate leaf inlay design, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to your dining space. Perfect for homes or restaurants that want to sprinkle a little magic dust on their dining experience.

  • Rue Bone Inlay Oval Dining Table Orange

Feeling a bit oval? Say hello to the Rue Bone Inlay Oval Dining Table in Orange. This Indian handmade beauty is crafted with a solid wood base and covered with a meticulous bone and resin marquetry technique. It’s like elegance and vibrant charm had a baby, and that baby is this table. Handcrafted with extraordinary attention to detail, it features striking bone inlay in a strip pattern, all wrapped up in a captivating orange hue. The oval shape adds a unique twist to any dining space, making it the centerpiece of your dining adventures.

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  • Floral Stripe Bone Inlay Round Dining Table Black

The handmade bone Inlay Dining Table in Black is a true masterpiece of pure Indian craftsmanship. This table screams sophistication with its eye-catching floral stripes design on the tabletop. The black and white contrast is bold and beautiful, ensuring this table stands out as the statement piece in any room. To keep the spotlight on this regal beauty, keep the room’s accessories minimal – let the table’s rich beauty take center stage.

Mother of pearl dining table sets

Dine in Style: Mother of Pearl Inlay Table Magic!

If you think bone inlay is fancy, wait until you meet our Mother of Pearl Inlay Tables. These are not just tables; they are dazzling pieces of art that will make your dining space sparkle.

  • MOP Inlay Floral Dining and Chair Set Black

Imagine dining on a table that looks like it belongs in an art gallery. The Mother of Pearl Inlay Round Dining Table Set transforms any dining area into a stunning space that you and your guests will adore. Made from solid wood and MDF for longer life, this table features a patterned MOP inlay top that resembles ivory fauna stretching across a black backdrop. It’s like having a black tie event every night at your dining table.

  • MOP Inlay Dining Table Flower Center Design Black

Next on our list of fabulousness is the MOP Inlay Dining Table with a Flower Center Design in Black. This table takes elegance to a whole new level with its patterned MOP inlay top resembling ivory fauna on a dramatic black backdrop. The quatrefoil design surrounding the round table apron complements the geometric shape of the black pedestal base, finished in a rich, ebonized hue. It’s elegant, and dramatic, and ensures your dining area makes a true impression – perfect for those who love to dine with a side of sophistication.

  • Flora Mother of Pearl Inlay Dining Table Black

Last but certainly not least is the Flora Mother of Pearl Inlay Dining Table in Black. This table is all about making a statement. The table center features very minute detailing of MOP inlay design flower patterns, ensuring that your dining area makes a lasting impression. It’s like having a bouquet of flowers on your table, but better, because this one lasts forever.

Bone inlay dining table sets online

Dine Up! Bind Up!

Luxury Handicraft isn’t just selling dining tables – we’re offering a one-way ticket to transform your dining experience into a magical, extraordinary event! Each table in our collection is a jaw-dropping work of art, handcrafted with the kind of meticulous attention to detail that would make even a perfectionist blush. Imagine bringing a touch of Indian craftsmanship and exotic elegance right into your home. Why settle for ordinary when you can dine like royalty? Spice up your dining space with one of our stunning bone inlay or mother of pearl tables and turn every meal into a grand feast that even your taste buds will applaud.

Head over to Luxury Handicraft today and discover the table that’s just perfect for your dining space. Trust us, your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you. Plus, your dining room will never have looked so good!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay tables from Luxury Handicraft unique?

Luxury Handicraft's Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl Inlay Tables

  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans over generations.
  • Uses high-quality materials, including ethically sourced bone and mother of pearl.
  • Designs inspired by traditional Indian motifs.
  • Adapted to contemporary tastes for timeless and modern furniture.
  • Customizable for individual style and home.

Are bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay tables durable enough for everyday use?

Bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay tables are durable and suitable for everyday dining, provided they are cared for properly. These tables are made from high-quality materials and techniques, but they require special attention due to their intricate nature. To prevent cracking or damage, avoid placing heavy objects directly on the inlay and use protective mats or pads to guard against scratches and stains from cutlery or food spills. With careful care, these tables can withstand regular use while maintaining their stunning appearance.

Which type of dining table is best for small spaces?

For small spaces, a round or square dining table is often best as it maximizes floor space and allows for easier navigation around the room. Additionally, consider tables with drop leaves or extendable options to accommodate more guests when needed while saving space when not in use. Adjustable height tables or those with built-in storage can also be practical choices for compact dining areas.

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