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Say Adiós to Boring Decor! Furnish Your Spain Home with Brass & Silver Magic

Article publié sur le site: 14 juin 2024
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Ah, Spain, the country of snacks, sun-kissed beaches, and opera. But what's lacking from this lovely view, you ask? Of course, your fabulously furnished home! Whether you're decorating a private residence, getaway home, or rental property, you don't have to go on a legendary search throughout the countryside in search of a bed, dining table, or console table. Why, because that’s madness! We’ll handle it all for you.

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Brass and Silver Furniture: The Dynamic Duo

Are you sick of the same old, boring decor? At Luxury Handicraft, we shout, “No more!” The market is bursting with fabulous brass and silver furniture accents just waiting to jazz up your space. And for those of you clinging to the myth that you can’t mix metals—those people lied. Yup, it’s a conspiracy! There’s absolutely no need to toss out your silver furniture to make room for gold. Brass and silver can coexist peacefully, like cats and dogs that are best friends in an animated movie.

Brass and silver furniture pieces are like the Batman and Robin of home decor. You can make any space seem amazing by adding a dash of elegance and a surprising accent of brass furniture. It's easy to incorporate these metals into your environment, no matter how much money you have to spend. Let's look at some furnishings that will cause your heart to race fast like a bull racing through Madrid.

Brass Silver coffee table

Furniture Picks to Die For

Here are five stunning pieces that incorporate brass and silver into your decor:

Beds and Headboards: Imagine lounging on a bed adorned with a brass headboard that gleams like the morning sun. Pair it with silver furniture like a bedside table for a look that says, “I wake up fabulous.”
  1. Coffee Tables and Center Tables: A coffee table with legs and a silver finish top is a conversation starter. It’s where you’ll place your morning espresso or evening tapas spread, looking chic all the while.
  2. Buffets and Sideboards: These aren’t just for storing your fancy plates. A brass buffet with silver handles is the superhero of storage solutions, keeping your dining area stylish and clutter-free.
  3. Almirahs and Armoires: A brass-finished almirah or a handmade silver almirah both are functional and enchanting work of art. It is said that hide your treasures or your mess—no judgment here.
  4. Side Tables and End Tables: The unsung heroes of furniture. A side table in brass or a silver top can hold your lamp, your book, or your midnight snack, all while looking absolutely glamorous.
Brass silver side table

Why Brass and Silver?

You might be wondering, why should you bother with brass and silver. Well, let me tell you, these metals bring a unique charm that other materials simply can’t. Brass adds warmth and a vintage feel, while silver brings a modern, sleek touch. Together, they create a balanced look that’s both timeless and trendy. It's like pairing a classic guitar with a techno beat—unexpected, but it works!

But wait, there's more! Brass silver furniture is all the rage right now. Think intricately carved wooden pieces, ornate details, and a rustic charm that transform your Spain villa in Barcelona. Incorporating vintage furniture into your home brings a sense of history and craftsmanship that mass-produced items can’t replicate. And guess what? Brass and silver accents fit perfectly with this style, adding a contemporary twist and embracing them as their own Spain furniture.

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Mixing Metals: The Ultimate Power Move

The ultimate power move in decor is to mix metals. It reveals your bravery, confidence, and ability to break the order. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start with tiny details like lamps, candlesticks, or picture frames. This will help you get a sense of the style without taking over your room.
  • Ensure that the metal furniture is balanced. Consider accessorizing your large brass piece with smaller silver pieces like a brass amirah with a silver side table.
  • Make sure that each piece has a consistent overall style. Your silver accessories should be current if your brass ones are. 
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One-stop Shop for Furniture of Brass and Silver 

Now, you might be wondering, where on Earth do you find all these fabulous furniture pieces? Look no further than Luxury Handicraft. We’re your one-stop online furniture store for all things beautiful and unique. Our collection of silver and brass furniture is curated to bring the best of Spain charm to your home, whether it’s in Spain or abroad.

We believe furnishing your house shouldn't be a chore; instead, it should be something to look forward to. As we deliver the best with ease, you relax with a drink. Indeed, everything of it! Just like a magic spell, our furniture makes your home decor ready to glam. And we know everyone prefers to customize their own furniture according to their style and preferences. Worry not we provide complete customization to match your specific home decor. 

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Let’s Wrap It Up

In a nutshell, whether you are furnishing a home in Barcelona, Valencia, or anywhere in the world furniture home decor doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you. With Luxury Handicraft, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle everything. Our customizable Furniture availability will have your home looking stylish in no time. Plus, with the fabulous brass and silver furniture available, you can mix metals like a pro and create a space that’s uniquely yours. And don’t forget to sprinkle in some Spanish touch for that extra charm in your home decor. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your home the envy of all with a touch of brass, a hint of silver, and a whole lot of style. Olé!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Antique Furniture for a Spain Home?

Look no further than Luxury Handicrafts, The ultimate online store of elegant, stylish, and individual pieces. The online furniture world of fine antique furniture adorns your home in Spain, all acquired and put together to bring out the best look and feel of your home decor.

What Types of Furniture Can I Include in My Spain Home?

You can include a variety of stylish pieces such as beds, headboards, coffee tables, buffets, sideboards, almirahs, and side tables. And mixing brass and silver accents can add a unique touch to these items.

Can I Customize My Furniture Package Online?

Absolutely! Our Furniture Packages are fully customizable to fit your unique style and space. Whether you want a specific look or need to match existing decor, Luxury Handicraft got you covered.

Is brass softer than silver?

Yes, brass is generally softer than silver. It is made mostly of alloyed elements like copper and zinc, making it relatively soft and very malleable. Silver is also malleable but a pure metal, harder than brass. This hardness disparity has a definite impact on the applications for which each metal is used: while brass is put to use in decorative items of all kinds and in various types of fittings, silver is used for jewelry and tableware, as a result of its hardness and much greater resistance to wear.

How do you prefer your door handles: in brass or silver? 

The choice between brass and silver door handles depends on personal style and needs. Brass offers a warm, classic look with elegance and vintage charm, while silver provides a sleek, modern appearance that complements contemporary designs. Both options are durable, easy to maintain, and can enhance the look of your doors.