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The Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand by Luxury Handicrafts can take your home décor a notch higher. This beautiful piece is crafted from high-quality marble and features detailed gemstone inlay work. Each marble side table features masterful artisanship using eclectic materials, making it the perfect detail for your bedroom decor. Our natural stone side table not only lights up space and makes a statement with its gorgeously sleek structure, but also serves the purpose for which it is meant. All your bedtime essentials can be organized in this one place. The marble top bedside table is well-suited to place your lamp, books, or anything you'd generally like to have around at the time of bedtime, making it perfect to fuse style with utility for the cozy part of your evenings. Available to order online, blending with a wide variety of decors, be it from contemporary to traditional ones. Get the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand by Luxury Handicrafts that is good in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and quality of craftsmanship. It will prove to be a sensible and stylish setting for your home decor.

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Buy Luxury Furniture Online - The Best Bedside|Nightstands

Bedside tables and nightstands with marble and gemstone accents give any room a well-balanced, sophisticated utility. You can get a remarkable selection of natural stone side tables with marble and gemstone accents at Luxury Handicrafts to elevate the mood of your living area, kitchen, or bedroom. Here, you can purchase these luxurious pieces of furniture online, in an amazing range. These tables work well for outdoor areas as well, such as your balcony, and the ones that include storage compartments will enable you to keep your necessities in order.

Our bedside tables and nightstands made of marble and gemstones are made to be extremely useful and of the finest quality. We offer both traditional and modern styles to suit any taste. Online nightstands and bedside tables' distinctive styles are ideal for tiny rooms that require little works of art. We make sure that every piece has a useful function in addition to being exquisite to look at. So don't hesitate any longer and visit Luxury Handicrafts' special selection of bedside tables and nightstands made of marble and gemstones to glam up your home decor game 

Buying Marble Gemstone Bedside Table, Here are The Main Factors to Consider:

Size of the Table: Sizing is critical when selecting a marble top bedside table. Begin by determining the region where you want to place it. A good suggestion is to keep the table no lower than 2-4 inches from the seat of your couch or bed, allowing for a comfortable reach.


Shape of the Table: The shape of your marble bedside table with drawer should complement your room layout. Round or oval-shaped tables are perfect for minimalist setups that value open space. If you require a surface for magazines or a cup of coffee, a square bedside table might be better.


Functionality of the Table: Identify the principal purpose of your marble gemstone bedside table. Should it be used for storage or purely cosmetic purposes? Consider whether you need a single table or a group of two or three. Do examine these characteristics to help you select the best functional solution.


Material of the Table: The table's material is marble and gemstone, which is both luxurious and sturdy. Luxury Handicrafts offers a wide selection of marble side table with storage, each with its own distinct blend of elegance and utility. 


Cost of the Table: Lastly, a major factor in your decision-making process will be your budget. You may get a high-quality marble gemstone bedside table at Luxury Handicrafts that fits your budget because we believe in affordable luxury. To make your decision easier and choose the option that best suits your budget, use the pricing filter.

Side Table Manufacturing Materials Available at Luxury Handicrafts 

  • Bone Inlay Bedside Nightstand

Upgrade your space with our Bone Inlay Bedside Nightstand, where you meet artistry! Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by artisans who turn bone and wood into intricate patterns that scream, "I'm fancy and functional!" It is perfect for stashing your secrets or just impressing your friends, this handmade nightstand is the ultimate blend of beauty and utility. Nightstands made with bone inlay are available from Luxury Handicrafts to match any type of design, from classic elegance to contemporary chic. Its compact size makes it ideal for tiny spaces, and it still offers plenty of surface area for bedroom essentials like lights, books, or keepsakes. Our bedside table is like a faithful friend in the bedroom, always prepared to hold your evening essentials close to reach. It's perfect for having books, an alarm clock, a lamp, and a glass of water close at hand. Get ready for compliments galore and a touch of elegance that's as unique as you are!

  • Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Nightstand 

Don't be scared to try new things; a dash of unique flair furniture can give your place charm. It's recommended to look for bedside tables made of mother of pearl, and wood that has been responsibly sourced. From classic flowers to contemporary geometrics, our Luxury selection features a broad variety of styles. Choose a Mother of pearl nightstand that either complements the existing decor in your bedroom or makes a striking contrast. Verify that the inlay work is accurate and that the pieces are securely fastened by closely inspecting it. Buying a mother of pearl bedside table will not only yield a stunning piece of furniture but also an exquisite piece of décor that will be treasured for many generations. This nightstand is not only a practical storage solution but also a work of art that will elevate the decor of any room.

  • Brass Silver Bedside Nightstand 

Luxury Handicrafts' bedside tables are made of strong metal, which results in exceptional patterns and unmatched durability. Our artists carefully craft each piece to ensure the highest quality, which makes them suitable for a range of home design types, from modern to vintage. This exquisite piece has a timeless appeal thanks to its elaborate design, which combines a sumptuous blend of brass and silver. The white marble bedside table is ideal for people who value traditional elegance because it provides lots of storage and creates a gorgeous focus point for your bedroom. You can rely on Luxury Handicrafts to deliver online furniture that will not only enhance your living space but also last for many years. Our night tables made of brass and silver are the height of fine craftsmanship, adding flair and toughness to your house.

  • Handcarved Bedside Nightstand 

For wood enthusiasts, getting a Handcarved Bedside Nightstand is a necessity. Made by hand, the nightstand shows how skilled and devoted the people working on it are. Consisting of elaborate carvings, it is a tribute to the natural appeal of wood. This nightstand is rustic and ideal for establishing a homely environment. A wooden bedside table design has so much elegance and allure. Even the most basic nightstand design looks quite chic and elegant. The ability of hand-carved furniture to fully blend with any type of decor theme is one of its best features. Get a wooden bedside table with wooden wardrobes from the Luxury Handicrafts collection. Our online designs for wooden hand-carved bedside tables promise unbeatable elegance and charisma for your bedroom with its neat, clean lines. Not just elegant, but highly functional, too, these tables provide ample space to store all your accessories and other items beautifully. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Gemstone Bedside Table | Nightstand 

What is the primary function of the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand?

The marble side table with storage serves as both a decorative piece and a practical storage solution. It is perfect for holding lamps, books, and other bedside items, providing ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor.

 Does the nightstand have storage space?

Yes, the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand offers ample storage space for organizing your bedtime essentials. It is designed to keep your items neatly arranged and easily accessible, making it a practical addition to your bedroom while maintaining a stylish and elegant appearance.

Can I buy the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand online?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand online from Luxury Handicrafts. Additionally, Luxury Handicrafts offers customisation options to tailor the nightstand to your specific preferences, ensuring you get a unique piece that perfectly fits your decor and functional needs.

What is the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand made of?

The Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand is crafted from high-quality marble and adorned with intricate gemstone inlays. This combination showcases exceptional craftsmanship, highlighting the luxurious materials and detailed work of skilled artisans, making it a stunning and durable addition to any bedroom.

What is the Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand made of?

The Marble Gems Bedside Nightstand is crafted from premium marble and adorned with intricate gemstone inlays. This exquisite combination showcases exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in a stunning and durable piece that enhances the elegance and functionality of any bedroom decor.


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